I am a sucker for beautiful architecture and fancy coffee shops and cake... Paris has plenty. I love how rich and cultured I feel just walking through the streets. Manchester is a beautiful city, but Paris is just above and beyond. It's everything in my eyes.

I've seen a fair few old places from New York to various European beauties but Paris.. ah Paris, is my favourite. The endless cafes filled with fancy people drinking expressos (how this is a thing is beyond me) the most beautiful of scenes like Montmartre, the latin quarter by Notre Damn, walking along the River Seine by the Eiffel Tower. It's breathtaking.  Even the apartment we stayed in was like something straight out of a film, the big white window with the apartment tops surrounding. I fell in love. So it's only right I write you all post to spam you with pictures of my trip, right? 

I took my baby sister Demi for an 18th birthday present (no1 sister), we headed out for 4 whole days, shopped, ate our body weight and more in food, more food, walked the city in awe, headed to disneyland and talked. It sounds lame but I feel as though I learnt more about the person she is and the wonderful woman she's grew into in those 4 days than I have picked up over the past couple of years. It was my 6th time in Paris and the last 2 have been the best, I've been able to understand and appreciate more. But more than anything it felt an honour walking the streets, amongst the French who banded together through love of their city and country when times recently seemed tough.

I mean look at this window?! I'm gonna interpret my whole flats theme around the bloody window.

Are you not in love? I'll have to admit it was absolutely freezing cold. But that just made the sun look prettier and buildings shine out for all to see. I'm determined to pick up French this year and make my next trip even more enjoyable. I even ate SNAILS. SNAILS! Go me, they were nice too. (I disgust myself saying it). In true Chelsey style, I leave you with a Go Pro video from our mini adventure.

Happy Birthday Dem,



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