New Digs

During my hiatus from blogging a few things changed! I became a real adult and moved into my own flat with scary bills like council tax and TV licence, it's terrifyingly exciting. But I'm getting there. I wanted to show you all my little place, it's definitely Chelsey-fied now. Few changes and things to be added, but on a small budget I've done well so far.

What do you think? It's my favourite little place, I charity shopped, I gumtree-d, I was given. I pulled everything together and now I have a home. A huge thanks to my Mum as well for somehow transporting the contents of this flat form her poor car and my Dad for lugging it up a flight of stairs. The only thing I really need now is the summer, because electric heaters ARE PANTS YOU GUYS.  But it's okay because I have a cute puppy who cheers me up every day, especially when she's biting walls and turning on the TV when I'm out. Bloody Doris.

Just a quick one, to share my crib. I think MTV would be proud.
Until next time,


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