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We're all partial to a bit of home city moaning. The 'I would rather be anywhere but here' or the 'I wish I would've be born somewhere else'... but have you ever sat still and taken in your surroundings?
I'm from sunny Manchester and I think I've hit that stage of life where I love it here. Don't get me wrong I'm still desperate to see more, do more. But the thought of returning home to Manchester has a certain warmth to it; the atmosphere, the people (sometimes), the night life, hell even the day life.

My Dad's a proud Mancunian so for his birthday a couple of months back me and my little sister went on a city adventure to take pictures for a canvas I gave to him. We walked for miles visiting the places my Dad grew up around, or places artists he adores took inspiration from. I wanted to recreate Manchester in pictures as if it hadn't aged. (Unlike the 49 years my Dad has, ha!)

Isn't it amazing how old fashioned and fabulous it looks? So much history rich in a our cities, surrounding us. I think that's what lacks nowadays, we don't know enough about our roots; the city we grew up in. Museums aren't as popular as they used to be yet they educate us on how without our cities we wouldn't be here now. I think almost every city across the UK has had some important part to play in our history and our victories across the years. Famous for the Romans in Castlefield, the Industrial Revolution and the Manchester Blitz, there's so much to learn from our past.

I'm curious to learn, are you proud of where you've come from? What awesomeness does your city behold? Let me know, I feel inclined to make a blogger history lesson haha. I love city scape photography, it captures everything we see daily as a stand still as it was then but also as it is now. No real changes.

My Dad loved his canvas and I'm hoping to create more of Manchester and other cities to sell later on in the year. What d'ya reckon?

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