January Goals

Happy New Year! 

I hope you spent your January 1st lay in bed curled in a ball, throwing up... because I did!!! Next year, I'm staying in bed in my pyjamas. I've already planned it, it's an anti-NYE party. I still can't believe it's 2016, this past year has gone so quick. It's scary really, I hope this year is the year it all changes for me.

My resolutions (intentions haha)
1. Give up all chocolate bars and takeaways 
Highlight hot chocolates do not count, says me period. Giving up wispas is bad enough? I'm starting this one on January 16th because I'm going to Paris and Disneyland and intend to lavish in chocolatey goodness. Does that count? Maybe I'll re-word it to all chocolate bars in the UK...
2. Attempt to save and see more of the world.
Living alone really takes a knock on effect in my bank account, all my savings have been rinsed but I'm going to attempt again bit by bit. I'm planning on Inter-railing in May, so that's definitely something to save towards.
3. Rejoin the gym and take up running
I did so well until leaving Uni, time to kickstart my health for the year... with a week off for Paris haha
4. Be creative
I've got to put my degree to use somehow right?! But I want to take more photos, make videos, blog more, write more and read more.
5. Find a career worth getting up for
I'm tired of doing something I don't love, spending day after day in the same routine, having no life, work work work, I'm all for growing up and adulting it but surely there's more to it than this?
6. Find more to be happy about
I like to voice my opinions, more so than smiling at times. I think because I'm at a certain halt I tend to draw more negatives than positives, but 2016 I need to reverse that. I've not got enough unhappiness surrounding me to continue being unhappy. Happy is the new beauty.

I think the last point (and the job) is my main aim, I mentioned it in my previous post but I've spent so long being bitter at everything and even everyone, it's time I found my own happy medium and began my own life, stress free. Let's hope 2016 is the best one yet.

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