We live our life in routine. Different routines, but routines nonetheless. We wake up and go about our daily duties carrying out the same mundane tasks of employment, eating, talking, laughing, sleeping. Day by day by day. Do you ever just stop and think of what your life would be like if you didn't live on the line of routine? 

I constantly dream of far out places and different cities to open my eyes in. Exciting adventures and becoming the version of me I've always wanted to be, the one that didn't care, the one that didn't over think every scenario every second of every minute of every day. But alas, I do. I get anxiety, I go bright red in every situation... how do we not be the person we're so used to being? If I wasn't me I imagine I would be far greater, I'd have accomplished so much all because I'd have told society NO. No, I'm not going to give in to the pressure of what you see fit for me. I'm going to live each day as it comes and enjoy every second; not living under the thumb of somebody who gives me orders and tells me how well I can do something. 

I think that's whats wrong with todays world... we care too much, we think too much and above all we dream too little. We over weigh the cons with the pros, I do it everyday. Everyday I contemplate buying a flight on my credit card and leaving all my worries and stresses behind. I succumb to the pressure of money and what people will think of me. I don't know what to do or where to go with my life and that scares me more than anything, but why should it? Why at the age of 21 should I be worrying when I should start putting into my pension or when I'm going to meet someone who likes me for me? I guess what I'm getting at in this post is just allowing my brain to pour out. I have these thoughts daily and carry them like a weight on my brain, constantly thinking and hurting. Why? Why do I let them? Because society makes us believe that we are only right in this world when we've got everything 'perfect'. The job, the partner, the money, the security. Screw the security, live life how you please. 

I hope my brain let's me realise that one day.


Dear Education System,

Although my time in your capable and what once felt like trustworthy hands has come to an end, I felt a letter was the only way I could allow my frustrations to pour out. I never truly loved you, I scraped past my GCSE’s, battled through my A Level and shed a lot of tears during my degree but I powered through and came out with a first. So hey ho, go me. You served me well right? Alas let me get this across, if somebody would have sat me down towards the end of high school and gone through all the options out there for young people my mind set could have been different and maybe I’d be less bitter. But apparently the only path to your success is a degree and once you have this magical piece of paper stating ‘Chelsey Lamb, First Class with Honours BSc’ you are guaranteed your dream job even with a CV full of experience. So tell me education why hasn’t this panned out? Maybe it’s because not every dream job needs a £27,000 worthy piece of paper or some young people aren’t destined to take the University path of life… or maybe just maybe a degree isn’t needed.

Whilst I am left bitter and angry at the world but also myself for not realising this sooner I must say it’s opened my mind to what’s out there. I am my own path to success, I determine exactly where I want to go and which route I should take. Surely this should be enforced? Making children feel pressured into thinking they should do this, this and this straight away only makes them take bad choices and sometimes like myself, the wrong ones. I am from a working class background, I worked my backside off over the 3 years and worked various jobs to support myself as the finance offered didn’t even cover my rent at times but now I believe I chose the wrong career plans, pressured from what teachers were telling me I was good at and making me believe I could never do anything else.  But what if my career choices changed and I need another fancy piece paper and another? Surely as humans we have the choice to be who we want to be yet there’s so many rules, price tags and regulations stopping us from having that freedom to find ourselves.

I can only learn from this and try and excel to be better than my degree, to leave my footprint on the world and see and do things I want to do not what somebody else with a degree tells me. Even now as I watch my little sister go into college with hopes of being a teacher the education system felt she most likely wouldn’t pass all her exams so never offered her the chance to take them all, meaning she left high school with not enough GCSE’s in her back pocket; alongside the BTEC grades that no longer matter? So what you’re now saying is 5 years of taking science and getting a pass is irrelevant because universities don’t want that on their heads? What about her basic education rights? What happened to giving young people the best head start in life? Yet you’re putting false hope in their minds and giving them your expectations.

So please education system, let us as young people breathe and see what’s out there. Apprenticeships and jobs and everything else life has to offer. Your fancy piece of papers can wait for now. Just give us a chance.


Chelsey Lamb

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