Ole' London Town

My baby sister turned 13 the Thursday just gone so I took her to London for the day on Saturday to celebrate. We went on our own mini adventure (we walked about 7 miles - my bones can't handle it anymore!) ate lots of food and soaked up lots of English sun for once, being from Manchester means we just see the rain and clouds 88% of the time. Thanks to our Gramps for hooking us up we got to travel down first class and eat free pastries and drink unlimited coffee. We visited Baker Street to see our friend Sherlock before hanging with Kim K, R Pattz and the Queen at Madame Tussauds. We did have tickets for the London Eye but the queues were INSANE. Being from Manchester I'm all city prepared but wasn't expecting the mass of tourists/people in general, it was crazy. I love London but I don't think I've got it in me to live there.

It's a pretty city though, makes you proud to be British the buildings are so rich with history we spent half the time wondering what rich person once lived there and what input they had on our society. It's crazy how rich the city looks in the centre. Days like these make me want to adventure more and more and just not return haha (one day?!)

Overall it was such a nice day, I don't get to spend as half as much time as I'd like with Molly and it's so strange to see her turning into the little mini me and woman she's becoming. She'll always be my baby sister at heart but she's definitely on the right tracks to becoming a fabulous young lady... obviously takes after her fabulous big sister. Also, if anybody ever has the chance to eat at an Ed's Easy Diner DO IT the food is AMAZING, I had the hot dog covered in cheese sauce, BBQ sauce and bacon with sweet potato fries and onion rings. Oh my days.... it was one of the best meals I've ever had and is a heart attack of carbs definitely worth having. 

Oh London, I loved you I could've spent a week getting lost in you and discovering the millions of cute little shops in Camden and exploring Covent Gardens more or drinking fancy coffee in Soho. Again we will meet, but until then I'll reminisce. It's weird being from the UK but not being able to pop into London like there's no tomorrow. Virgin trains and their two hour rides are definitely worth it. Until next time my sweet sweet capital city.


Colour Run 2015

I took part in the Colour Run last week in Honour of my old bosses brother in law David Bean and in aid of Rainbow Trust. What an experience! It was at the City Stadium in Manchester and was the happiest 5k on the planet. You run, get covered in colour, run, get covered in colour until you look like a fabulous rainbow. I'd definitely recommend anybody doing one if you ever get the chance, you don't have to be fit, you can run, walk, jog, crawl it's all about taking part and being happy. 

I obviously took it upon myself to GoPro it and throw together the happiest 5k video! To anybody who wants a durable, hardwearing HD camera I'd definitely recommend the GoPro, I got the 4 for christmas but the touch screen kept over heating and freezing so I went for the 3+ which syncs up to your iPhone app so you can control it directly through there. It's ace. What have you been taking part in this summer?
Until next time,

The end of an era

I'm back, I lost my blogging touch and let the adult life of full time boring mundane work get to me, but I vow NO MORE as I need my inner creative ninja to shine and take pretty photos and blog about things that make me happy. I'm sure most of you never noticed I was gone but either way I'm back and hopefully here to stay. These past few weeks/months have been a roller coaster but I'm getting there. Adult job life is still boring but I love holidays and that requires funds so I will persevere in the meantime.

One major update... I am now a FIRST CLASS HONOURS Graduate with a BSc in Broadcast and Media Production.

I still can't quite believe it and wasn't prepared for it in the slightest, I remember opening my results and sitting there for a good 30 minutes thinking 'should I tell anyone?! What if it changes?' hahaha, but alas I did it! all that blood, sweat and tears and constant bad thoughts I powered through and came out on top. So I guess what I'm trying to say is... GRADUATE LOOKING FOR MEDIA WORK. I was so set on never working in Media but after receiving my mark I think the realisation that I can do this and I am worthy set in. So to anybody who has there sights set on something, don't give up. If I can do it, anybody can. 

If anything I think Graduation put things into perspective for me, it made me realise how determined I've been these past few years despite all my moans and frustrations and struggles, I worked throughout to support myself and achieved the highest possible bachelor degree, I couldn't be prouder of myself for once. So what lies next is beyond me, I'm sending CVs out like crazy in the hope some top-dog producer wants to give me a chance. I'm going on a few adventures this year and even some next year already so for now I just gotta stop over-thinking and take the days as they come. Life doesn't stop for anyone so we gotta grasp what we can get and enjoy every second of it. Dream big world.


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