New digs

Howdy y'all! So much has changed since I last posted. I've left Liverpool, left my job and started a new one, moved house and entered the adult 40 hour week life! Stayed tuned for an update post but I just wanted to share my favourite thing about moving home and house... having a new bedroom to use as a blank canvas. My favourite place is always my bedroom and I use that canvas to make me feel as at home as possible, I think the spaces we live in become a reflection of us and our personalities. So make it kick ass.

I love maps, my biggest dream is to explore some of the world's very depths so surrounding myself in world, city or even country maps makes my dreams feel more alive. I also love reminding myself in little quotes to be thankful for what I have or that happiness is the key to our very existence. I'm trying to become a positive person so I believe surrounding yourself in the smallest of ways makes your days easier to get through. Everything I put onto my walls are photos of my travels, memories, artwork that I like or tickets I want to remember for ever. Does anybody else like decorating their rooms in such away that when you're locked away no matter how many problems you have outside those four walls everything seems okay? Maybe it's just me.

I'd love to see some of your guys latest decor projects, have you been up to anything?
Now that I'm home and slightly settled I look forward to posting more and reading blog posts like there's no tomorrow!

Speak soon world,

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