Bad habits

"the body achieves what the mind believes"

So I recently went down a path that hasn't been so familiar to me in awhile and lost control of something that I'd been so on track with for so long. For those who follow or have read a few of my posts you'll have picked up that I've been on a lifestyle change journey for awhile. My back has been bad and I used it to escape back into the world of glorious glorious bad food, it's just so easy to slip into old habits and I've never been able to stop or know when I'm full.

I'm using this post as a note to myself if you will, the more I write about the bad I'm putting into my body the more it should sink in, right? I've sat and made meal plans for the next week and re-signed up to the gym in Manchester along with a sports therapy session on Tuesday to see what's really happening back there, my neck snaps, my back pops and I'm in a constant cycle of tension and stiffness. It's really a pain in the arse. I think it's become my biggest fear to become the person I used to be even though sometimes I remember being happier then, more carefree and I didn't let what society defined me as size wise effect me. It's weird isn't it how the more weight loss or change you undergo the more self conscious you feel. But alas I've never had more body confidence and I felt fabulous, I've never been as low as I was and despite the pounds I've put on these past few weeks I'm still constantly proud of how far I've come. Sometimes we just needed reminding.

I've become so wrapped in becoming societies idea of perfect I think I lost a bit of Chelsey along the way, I am beautiful inside and out. I guess sometimes I need to remind myself. That and not to lose sight of my own goals and dreams, keeping in mind my own happiness along the way. So to anybody else out there that is struggling, I guess this post is to say you're not alone. We all have bad days, weeks, months but as long as we're happy then do what you gotta do. Right now, I'm not happy and I'm gonna change that. Knowing what you want is the best way to be; don't let anybody influence how you should live your life or how you should look. If you're not happy, change something and if you are, then carry on and be proud of everything you are as a person. I think I'm gonna start making end of weekly posts in regards to a food diary to try and keep it fun and inspire and showcase recipes whilst motivating myself. If you've got any favourite low carb treats and foods you'd recommend let me know either on here or via my twitter @beingchelsey. I'd really appreciate it.

Thanks for listening world, until next time...


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