New Brighton part deux

So to celebrate national sibling day I spent the day with one of my lovely sisters, we're quite a close family and my two sisters are definitely my best friends so seeing them when I'm not in Uni or working is a quite an honour. Demi came down to Liverpool to stay with me and since the weather was beautiful we had to venture out. A couple of months ago we went to New Brighton but the weather was ice cold, the waves were crashing and I swear the wind was painful! So we thought we'd go check it out whilst the sun has began to shine.

It was such a nice little day, the atmosphere was buzzing and everybody was happy to see the sun. I love that as Brits it's law that as soon as there is some sun we must run to the nearest beach, pitch our tents and bring out the buckets and spades. So after a quick shopping session in Liverpool we got the train under the Mersey drank Starbucks, played bowling (I'm so awful), ate ice cream, walked along the sea front, drank far too many cocktails and ate far too much food.


I'd definitely check out the hungry horse pub and restaurant they've got there if you ever go. The food is sooooooo good! two meals for £8.99 and this whopper of a starter... oops. Quick post but overall a lovely national siblings day. A break in life that I definitely needed. Now all I crave is a ruddy holiday!!!

I'm starting back at Uni next week for my final two weeks, then I go straight into my new job and the real world. I'm excited and scared and scared but here goes, no turning back. I also recently won a £50 voucher for the Manchester Arndale shopping centre, so I'll brag and post about it when I've collected and spent my winnings, how exciting. For now, I need to get back on my diet, revise for my exams and enjoy my last bit of student life. (Still don't know what 'adult' is!)

Until next time world. I hope life's throwing shit loads of lemons at you and you're making some cool ass lemonade.


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