A New Chapter

As I sit here coffee in hand, assignments rotating around my brain, I've been thinking back on the past 3 years of my life. I've done a lot of growing up physically and emotionally, Uni has tested me and pushed me beyond my limits which in the long run is a good thing but I can honestly say I don't think it's been for me, or at least the route of study I took.

I was mislead and given false hope, like you've probably read before in my rambles but I'm a strong believer in having your own choice and I think when growing up we're mislead into what opportunities are out there for us; being given the impression that going to University is the only path to success and accomplishment. That is wrong, as I embark on a new journey and a career that has took a slight off course route I couldn't be more terrifyingly excited for where I'm going to end up, something University has never given me. Don't get me wrong, some degrees are needed as they give you the skills and the knowledge to go into an amazing career, but a lot of degrees nowadays aren't worthy enough; we could get the skills and more being in the industry first hand and learning practically. Not what some old guy has to throw at you in a lecture theater that's outdated and they probably haven't really got a clue either. I've spent far too long in my own shadow that I kept losing sight of the shore, I work myself up so much to the point that I don't want to carry on because the fear of failure takes over, but no more. I have so much to give and take from the world that I intend on living every experience to the extreme. The dreams I've had for so long will be accomplished and a piece of paper I've been awarded with to define me into a certain life category won't play any part of that.

However it isn't all bad, I've almost kicked a degree's arse that at many times I thought was impossible, I've met some amazing people and I've had some amazing adventures. I've become the best version of myself and I found happiness in the long run, pulling myself out of the rut I was in for so long. I have spent far too long worrying about people's opinions and lived my life tip-toeing around them, but I've found the balance and I say no more. My lecturer went round on the first day of year 1 and took a picture of us all to prove that in year 3 a lot of us wouldn't be there and to say 'how far we've come' but the biggest accomplishment of all for me is becoming the version of me I'm proud of. If I could go back and have a 5 minute chat with myself, I'd probably be coming out of my degree having a more positive experience (I probably wouldn't still be in this degree if that could've happened, if only!).
So, 3 year ago Chelsey with the excitement still shining in your eyes, you did it. Well done. If I take anything away from these few years it's the drive and motivation I've found myself to have. Although I've cried and stressed and screamed and shouted, I didn't give up. I've stuck it out, I've had all my ducks in a row from day one. I've worked through the 3 years and financed myself because student loans don't finance the average, and I've come out of this place with my head held high and all my priorities are in place.
For now who know's what is in store for me, but I'm beginning to realise that if we wake up each day with a positive mindset, positive things will happen, and to everyone who's been a part of my journey (and stuck through all the stress and nagging) thank you. I couldn't be the person I am today without you.


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