The end is nigh (and I can't wait!)

Next Friday I will be submitting part 1 of my final year project, the videos. I'll be so thankful when it's over and I don't have to spend 3 hours editing a few minutes of footage. The stress is high and I've still got filming to do but I'm trying to stay calm in the process so it doesn't over power me. This month will be a blur and I just hope I can manage successfully between university and work and general life.
But then in around two months I shall be... free. So I'm just going to spend this post talking about all the things I'm excited to do when my degree is over and I can take a break from everyday routine.

1. SLEEP - I've lost count on how many sleepless nights and early mornings I've had this year so far, put it this way my lazy days are now next to nothing! I'm a huge morning person but I pray for the day I don't have to set an alarm all the time.
2. WATCH TV AND MORE TV - When I'm not working I'm gonna lie in bed in my pyjamas with Netflix, endless amounts of coffee and hot chocolate and watch whatever the hell I want, mainly catch up because I'm SO behind. (American Horror Story, OITNB, Rizzoli & Isles, The Walking Dead, Castle, New Girl, Modern Family, 24, The Vampire Diaries? I'm coming back for you babies)

3. READ LIKE YOU'VE NEVER READ BEFORE - When I let it I can be consumed by a book and not want to put it down until I've finished, but Uni took over and the pile of unread books I've bought and barely started is growing so I intend on finish that and starting more. The words written in some books are so powerful and life-changing I want to experience them more.

4. TASTE DIFFERENT TYPES OF COFFEE IN DIFFERENT PLACES - I think we should practice the art of being alone and happy more (do I sound sad?) but so many people nowadays are consumed with always being in people's company or finding that one person to spend their life with at an early age. What happened to independence and finding happiness in yourself? So once a week I want to take myself to a little coffee shop with my book and some nice music and let my thoughts scream out in peace. Not too much to ask right?

5. FOCUS ON MY HEALTH - These past few weeks I've changed my eating habits, started the Bikini Body Guide workout and took up running, I'm making 2015 all about me and my health is a big part of that. I've lost over 3 stone so far and I just want to lose a few more pounds and tone up (did you know Abs were a real thing?! I'll let you know more when I find some!!)

6. GO PLACES - Despite my need to travel the world and I will do one day but I'm using this next year to take some time out and just work and relax but I'd love to go on a few European weekend breaks and wander the sights with a GoPro on hand and memories being made.

I'm so ready for this next chapter of my life whatever it throws at me I know it's going to be good and I'm going to work for my future, I'm gonna see the world and let the world take me and consume with the beauty it has to hold. If we think positive, then positive things will come our way. Stay awesome bloggers and may 2015 be the BEST year yet. I got this.

Until next time,

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