Shopping is the cure (Mini Primark haul!)

So after a very very very bad test result today, I was down in the dumps and there was only one solution, pauper and all... shopping. (It was that or the whole of the Tesco chocolate aisle!)

I must've spent about an hour in Primark trying clothes on but I was having a 'meh' day so I just picked up a random few bits that are super cute and as per usual bargain central.

This cute jacket/coat was only £5! I've been looking for one for ages, and there it was sitting unhappily waiting for me to rescue it and hang it with it's new found coat friends. It's a bit too oversized for my liking (it's 3 sizes smaller than me) but I'm hoping styling it with a nice scarf and bag will make it look too cool to be a sack of potatoes hiding underneath.

I've definitely got on the ring/necklace bandwagon I feel like a fabulous woman when I'm wearing a good ring... that's weird right? But I love how a necklace can completely change an outfit and make it smart casual. My poor stand is crying for me to release it from all it's chains and misery. But at £7.50, you can't complain!

I always find Primark has the CUTEST home section. There's some pineapple sheets I've got my eye after payday. Since my love of cooking has taken off my cupboards are full of tupperware... so what do I do? buy some more! and the passion fruit and vanilla cream candles smell divine.

 I think this purchase totally speaks for itself. Who doesn't want a tote bag with their initial on? My Aldi shopping will never have looked so good.

All of this for only just over £20! I always picked up two of the coats one for me and one for my sister because they were too good to resist. I've already got my shopping list of what I'm getting come payday, the Primark cycle is fabulous and never ending. Now I've got to spend my night in a state of productivity as I attempt to write some of my dissertation that's due in next week, candles lit and coffee brewing... wake me up when March and April are over! Peace out guys, have a super week.


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