How do I adult?

Please forgive the mismatch post you're about to read, I've been in blog limbo and just thought I'd give you all an insight into my past week! I mean what a week. An emotional roller coaster to say the least! But I have made it to the end and what a rewarding one it's been.

On Sunday I saw McBusted with my best friend, I've always been a huge McFly fan and will support them till the end. (I do hope they return to my 4 favourite guys soon) What a show! They always know how to wow an audience that's for sure.

Then on Wednesday I had a scary interview at a bank in Manchester for a full time job after University AND I GOT IT! (Terrifyingly excited) and went for coffee with my Gramps before returning to Liverpool.

But the hardest part of this week having to submit my dissertation, days were long and time was running out and there was almost tears (no breakdowns amazingly!), a lot of cussing and stressing but I did it. 13,500 words and £20 of printing and binding later, I submitted it and I have never felt so good in my life. I've worked so hard this past year and although I've got a few assignments and exams to go, I know no matter what I've put my blood, sweat and tears into this course.

 And then to celebrate on my lonesome because everybody is poor or busy and I'm clearly a loner ha! I went out to Primark and bought myself a few new things, so well done me. I'm proud.

Impressive right? But I'm so scared and nervous about the future now, I'm officially becoming an adult and in a months time fresh from University I go into a big full time job in a bank and start my life. I honestly don't think it's hit me yet and part of me is so sad to leave retail behind. Especially the last two years in Evans, I've learnt so much about myself and progressed into the happiest I've ever been and I'll always be grateful for that. The people I've been surrounded by have helped me become the person I am now.

Onwards and upwards world, I've just got to find out how to adult first?!


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