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These past few weeks I've experienced such feelings of wanderlust both happy and sad. In a few months I leave education behind and immerse myself into working life. A part of me is terrified as I feel I'm doing a full 360 and going back home and back to the retail life, I'm so scared of getting stuck there and leaving all my dreams behind that I get myself into such a panicky mindset that my thoughts over take my judgements.
Is there that one dream you've had for as long as you can remember and thinking about never achieving it is unbearable? Instead to dwell of what might go wrong, I decided to make a wishlist of some of the places I'd love to visit.

1. India

I couldn't decide on one place but from Delhi to Agra to Goa and visiting Cherrai beach, there's much culture enriched in the ground you walk on. From the pictures I stare at filled with vibrant colours I would love to immerse myself in the streets of these cities,ride houseboats in complete serenity and widen my (awful) cooking skills and open my taste buds to what they have to offer. My biggest dream would be to attend a colour festival whilst I'm there and truly live through the culture, I bet it's got nothing on holione or the colour run!

2. Rome

Ancient Rome has so much history I'd give anything to take a bike tour around the roman countryside or stand in awe at the Colosseum, visit the Pantheon, the Vatican and admiring all the architectural beauty in it's glory. Also, I want to stand on the steps and reinact the Lizzie McGuire movie (a girl can have child hood dreams okay haha!)

3. Prague

Lonely Planet describes it as the 'beauty equivalent of Paris with the best beer in Europe'. The surroundings look astounding and the history goes back almost a millennium. I'm gutted I couldn't have gone sooner because they had the coolest Tim Burton exhibition on last year that looked out of this world with all kinds of weird. I'd love to visit the Prague Castle and sit in fancy beer gardens escaping from the world.

4. Africa

I've always wanted to visit Africa but I've been unsure of where to visit, I've got family in the South but I've recently come across some pictures of Morocco and had a google image session and it looks astounding. It's definitely the top of my list along with Namibia, Cape Verde, Marrakesh... so so many places. I'd give anything to go on an African safari and see the buffalo's, lions, leopards, elephant and rhinoceros. There's some amazing places in this world and Africa is definitely one of them, I'd also love to volunteer in small villages helping build communities and provide education to youngsters that so badly want it, some parts of Africa are definitely skimmed over too lightly and I'd love to be a part of something that makes a tiny difference in the world.

5. Thailand

I know this probably on most people's list but who doesn't want to visit this place? Everything I've seen is just the definition of serenity. From the sparkling blue beaches to the tropical forests and local culture, I think anybody who visits probably feels at peace with everything and everyone. I'd give anything to lie on this jungle-topped island with an ice cold cocktail in my hand right now taking me away from all the stresses of life. If only.

What 5 places are on your wishlist to visit? If I could I list them all I'd be here forever and ever. One day world, one day. (all images taken from the Lonely Planet website)


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