The end in the beginning

This past week or so has been spent reflecting; it's been kind of a blur with saying goodbye to my beloved Poppy, skydiving from 15,000ft and spending my days locked away in the editing suite spending what feels like 3904713907 hours editing down a few minutes worth of footage.

I'm coming to the end of my degree and I'm at the stage where the worry and panic of not knowing what I'm doing afterwards has hit me like a building falling down. I have to leave behind the flat I call home and depart from friends who live at different ends of the UK, don't get me wrong I'm ready to graduate now because 18 straight years of education is a hell of a lot and I'm looking forward to just taking a break, going on a few adventures and saving for bigger ones. I just can't help but worry that I'm going to get stuck here and be consumed by the money I'm earning. This past year or so I've taken the journey of self-acceptance and I'm almost at the stage where I'm happy with who I am, I've worked damn hard to get to this stage and for once I'm proud. I'm proud of the person I've become, I'm proud of all I have achieved and I like to think I've made my parents proud.

I've almost graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Broadcast and Media Production (the course literally screams maths) and that's epic. So maybe if you're ever feeling low or stressed just take a step back and list your accomplishments so far and look at the person you've become because of them. I'm head strong, I'm independent and I'm awesome for it. I think one of the main goals to achieve when accepting yourself is just understand that you're always going to be you and that won't change, you'll always have the same values; the only thing that can is what path you choose to walk down. For me I choose happiness, I want to challenge myself in life and let it take me to where I should be. I'm a firm believer in being who you want to be, if something doesn't make you happy work towards changing it. Don't get me wrong I've still got things to work on in truly accepting myself and letting go of the worry that often pulls me down but nobody should be pulled down by the stigma society puts on us to achieve, to settle down, to have a certain career with certain benefits. You are your only path to success so do whatever the hell you want to do.

When ever I'm feeling a need to let my thoughts scream out I take a long walk and take pictures of my favourite places. Liverpool is one of them, it's been my home for the past 3 years and although my mind's ready to leave and throw myself into the real world, my heart isn't. Here's some photos me and my GoPro 4 took the other day, the only word to describe it was serenity.

So although I'm coming to the end of my chapter in education, I'm ready to create a new beginning in the real world and I'm excited for all it has to bring. I just need to make sure I kick myself up the ass regularly so I don't get tied down doing something that isn't me. Be true to yourself, I constantly ask myself 'would 15 year me like the person I've become?'.

Stay awesome world, dream big.


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  1. Congrats on almost graduating! What an achievement. Don't panic about what'll happen next, look forward to the surprise :) xx


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