Sleep tight Pops

'You can spend the rest of your life with me... but I can't spend the rest of my life with you.'

This post is dedicated to the wonderful life my dog has had and the love she has given me and my family for the past 9 years. This is Poppy. Poppy is and will be forever the most humble and loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It has truly been an honour growing up in your presence.

It's weird when you see people grow such an attachment to animals and I'd never experienced it before Poppy, no amount of goldfish can make you feel that certain attachment but the light dogs can bring into your life in un-explainable. They're constantly happy to be in your presence and their sole reason for living is you, their owners. She's battled through being dumped in a plastic bag as a puppy to having cancer and surviving it with only losing a toe but this last battle is one that couldn't be won. She had severe heart failure to the point her blood wasn't circulating and she was essentially drowning in it; her stomach swelled and she couldn't lie down without discomfort. Within 48 hours she'd been diagnosed and the decision made to be put to sleep, we had one last night with her and even in the darkest of hours she still brought her charm to the world.

I was with her when she took her final breath, it almost seemed like a sigh of relief and a thank you for us taking her away from the pain and within 20 seconds she'd finally been able to sleep, pain free. So to anyone who has a dog or pet they cherish, cherish them harder because you don't know when their last day will be. This post isn't even half the things I wanted to get out or can show the love we had for her but my eyes are so sore and heavy and my heart hurts so much.

Goodnight beautiful Poppy, I love you forever and always.


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  1. Oh gosh sweetness, sending you so much love.
    What a beautiful tribute to what sounds like a completely stunning soul, and so true about how dogs cause humans to become so attached. My little man is my child, my complete world and I dread the day I eventually have to say goodbye.
    I'm sure she was so happy to have such an amazing family who saved her, gave her a home, grew up with her and was there to comfort her in her time of need.

    Thank you for sharing what I'm sure was a very hard post to write.

    Best wishes, Danielle xo


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