Bloggers Group Hug: What if nothing meant everything?

So I recently came across this lovely little idea on JaseyJade's blog. Each Sunday a word is emailed to you and whoever else is participating, you then write a blog post about the word given. It's known as the 'Bloggers Group Hug' and is meant to bring us bloggers together in a way through the differences in the way we write. One subject, thousands of different words, a whole new meaning each time.

This weeks word was '
The more you think about a word, any word, the more powerful it becomes. I mean essentially this word means nothing, but what exactly is nothing? nothing, not anything; no single thing. Yet it can mean everything.

It's a word that can be applied to so many emotions. You feel nothing, you feel like nothing. Nothing matters anymore. But, everything matters? Nothing is impossible and you shouldn't take that 'nothing' for granted. Life was meant to be lived and every opportunity that arises should be grasped with both hands. If you Google the word, it throws only the negatives, apparently there's nothing good about the word nothing.

But I recently began to read 'The Secret' and although I have to say I disagree with some of it's teachings, it's opened my mind slightly to how I should approach things mentally. Our minds are like television sets each programmed onto different frequencies. We have both good and bad frequencies that give out different types of signals. If our minds are constantly set to giving out a bad frequency then the signal we pick up is constantly going to be bad. Think positively and the good signals will shine out and you'll attract the good things throughout life.

I know it sounds like I'm diverting off the subject but this one word seems to have attached itself to a bad frequency or at least that's how we perceive it. But what if it's only meant for good? Try telling yourself 'I'm going to have nothing but good thoughts today' or 'Nothing will get in my way from now on'. When I started writing this post I thought nothing good would come from it yet I feel a sense of accomplishment as though nothing can get in my way. Seize the day. Nothing can bring you down as long as you don't let it and continue to churn out the good signals from the bad.
As Audrey Hepburn once said 'Nothing is impossible... the word itself says I'm possible.'



PS if you want to take part  in BloggersGroupHug= S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here ( Also totally went over the word count by 100+ but I couldn't stop first time and all. Oops.

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