Wanderlust wishlist

These past few weeks I've experienced such feelings of wanderlust both happy and sad. In a few months I leave education behind and immerse myself into working life. A part of me is terrified as I feel I'm doing a full 360 and going back home and back to the retail life, I'm so scared of getting stuck there and leaving all my dreams behind that I get myself into such a panicky mindset that my thoughts over take my judgements.
Is there that one dream you've had for as long as you can remember and thinking about never achieving it is unbearable? Instead to dwell of what might go wrong, I decided to make a wishlist of some of the places I'd love to visit.

1. India

I couldn't decide on one place but from Delhi to Agra to Goa and visiting Cherrai beach, there's much culture enriched in the ground you walk on. From the pictures I stare at filled with vibrant colours I would love to immerse myself in the streets of these cities,ride houseboats in complete serenity and widen my (awful) cooking skills and open my taste buds to what they have to offer. My biggest dream would be to attend a colour festival whilst I'm there and truly live through the culture, I bet it's got nothing on holione or the colour run!

2. Rome

Ancient Rome has so much history I'd give anything to take a bike tour around the roman countryside or stand in awe at the Colosseum, visit the Pantheon, the Vatican and admiring all the architectural beauty in it's glory. Also, I want to stand on the steps and reinact the Lizzie McGuire movie (a girl can have child hood dreams okay haha!)

3. Prague

Lonely Planet describes it as the 'beauty equivalent of Paris with the best beer in Europe'. The surroundings look astounding and the history goes back almost a millennium. I'm gutted I couldn't have gone sooner because they had the coolest Tim Burton exhibition on last year that looked out of this world with all kinds of weird. I'd love to visit the Prague Castle and sit in fancy beer gardens escaping from the world.

4. Africa

I've always wanted to visit Africa but I've been unsure of where to visit, I've got family in the South but I've recently come across some pictures of Morocco and had a google image session and it looks astounding. It's definitely the top of my list along with Namibia, Cape Verde, Marrakesh... so so many places. I'd give anything to go on an African safari and see the buffalo's, lions, leopards, elephant and rhinoceros. There's some amazing places in this world and Africa is definitely one of them, I'd also love to volunteer in small villages helping build communities and provide education to youngsters that so badly want it, some parts of Africa are definitely skimmed over too lightly and I'd love to be a part of something that makes a tiny difference in the world.

5. Thailand

I know this probably on most people's list but who doesn't want to visit this place? Everything I've seen is just the definition of serenity. From the sparkling blue beaches to the tropical forests and local culture, I think anybody who visits probably feels at peace with everything and everyone. I'd give anything to lie on this jungle-topped island with an ice cold cocktail in my hand right now taking me away from all the stresses of life. If only.

What 5 places are on your wishlist to visit? If I could I list them all I'd be here forever and ever. One day world, one day. (all images taken from the Lonely Planet website)


The end in the beginning

This past week or so has been spent reflecting; it's been kind of a blur with saying goodbye to my beloved Poppy, skydiving from 15,000ft and spending my days locked away in the editing suite spending what feels like 3904713907 hours editing down a few minutes worth of footage.

I'm coming to the end of my degree and I'm at the stage where the worry and panic of not knowing what I'm doing afterwards has hit me like a building falling down. I have to leave behind the flat I call home and depart from friends who live at different ends of the UK, don't get me wrong I'm ready to graduate now because 18 straight years of education is a hell of a lot and I'm looking forward to just taking a break, going on a few adventures and saving for bigger ones. I just can't help but worry that I'm going to get stuck here and be consumed by the money I'm earning. This past year or so I've taken the journey of self-acceptance and I'm almost at the stage where I'm happy with who I am, I've worked damn hard to get to this stage and for once I'm proud. I'm proud of the person I've become, I'm proud of all I have achieved and I like to think I've made my parents proud.

I've almost graduated with a Bachelor of Science with honours in Broadcast and Media Production (the course literally screams maths) and that's epic. So maybe if you're ever feeling low or stressed just take a step back and list your accomplishments so far and look at the person you've become because of them. I'm head strong, I'm independent and I'm awesome for it. I think one of the main goals to achieve when accepting yourself is just understand that you're always going to be you and that won't change, you'll always have the same values; the only thing that can is what path you choose to walk down. For me I choose happiness, I want to challenge myself in life and let it take me to where I should be. I'm a firm believer in being who you want to be, if something doesn't make you happy work towards changing it. Don't get me wrong I've still got things to work on in truly accepting myself and letting go of the worry that often pulls me down but nobody should be pulled down by the stigma society puts on us to achieve, to settle down, to have a certain career with certain benefits. You are your only path to success so do whatever the hell you want to do.

When ever I'm feeling a need to let my thoughts scream out I take a long walk and take pictures of my favourite places. Liverpool is one of them, it's been my home for the past 3 years and although my mind's ready to leave and throw myself into the real world, my heart isn't. Here's some photos me and my GoPro 4 took the other day, the only word to describe it was serenity.

So although I'm coming to the end of my chapter in education, I'm ready to create a new beginning in the real world and I'm excited for all it has to bring. I just need to make sure I kick myself up the ass regularly so I don't get tied down doing something that isn't me. Be true to yourself, I constantly ask myself 'would 15 year me like the person I've become?'.

Stay awesome world, dream big.


Skydive for Mind 2015

So after two failed attempts due to the weather, I finally completed my skydive for the charity Mind this Sunday just gone!

Mind help those with mental health problems feel less alone and other support and guidance when some think they're beyond help. They've done some amazing stuff over the years and I think it's amazing as a persons mental state is such a sensitive thing. Over the years mental health has had a stigma attached on to and I think it's about time we open our minds more to it. People at any age can suffer and it's important we accept that. I managed to raise just under £700 for them and I just want to thank everybody that donated, I couldn't have done it without you!

After a few hours of training I finally took to the air and jumped 15,000ft out of a plane with a tandem instructor!!! (Couldn't have done it alone I messed up the landing and face planted into the mud - oops!) But honestly what an experience, it was breathtaking quite literally I had to keep reminding myself to inhale and exhale. The views were unreal and I even got to drive the parachute. I'd love to do it over and over again, maybe next time without a camera man so I can take it all in properly.

Enjoy some awesome photos and a video, I honestly didn't realise I had that much cheek to go around haha!

If you'd love to spare a bit of change for this cause you still can at justgiving.co.uk/chelsey-lamb, thanks guys!

You can check out there video here :)

Is skydiving on your bucket list? Feels so cool to be able to tick it off!!!


Sleep tight Pops

'You can spend the rest of your life with me... but I can't spend the rest of my life with you.'

This post is dedicated to the wonderful life my dog has had and the love she has given me and my family for the past 9 years. This is Poppy. Poppy is and will be forever the most humble and loving dog I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. It has truly been an honour growing up in your presence.

It's weird when you see people grow such an attachment to animals and I'd never experienced it before Poppy, no amount of goldfish can make you feel that certain attachment but the light dogs can bring into your life in un-explainable. They're constantly happy to be in your presence and their sole reason for living is you, their owners. She's battled through being dumped in a plastic bag as a puppy to having cancer and surviving it with only losing a toe but this last battle is one that couldn't be won. She had severe heart failure to the point her blood wasn't circulating and she was essentially drowning in it; her stomach swelled and she couldn't lie down without discomfort. Within 48 hours she'd been diagnosed and the decision made to be put to sleep, we had one last night with her and even in the darkest of hours she still brought her charm to the world.

I was with her when she took her final breath, it almost seemed like a sigh of relief and a thank you for us taking her away from the pain and within 20 seconds she'd finally been able to sleep, pain free. So to anyone who has a dog or pet they cherish, cherish them harder because you don't know when their last day will be. This post isn't even half the things I wanted to get out or can show the love we had for her but my eyes are so sore and heavy and my heart hurts so much.

Goodnight beautiful Poppy, I love you forever and always.


Bloggers Group Hug: What if nothing meant everything?

So I recently came across this lovely little idea on JaseyJade's blog. Each Sunday a word is emailed to you and whoever else is participating, you then write a blog post about the word given. It's known as the 'Bloggers Group Hug' and is meant to bring us bloggers together in a way through the differences in the way we write. One subject, thousands of different words, a whole new meaning each time.

This weeks word was '
The more you think about a word, any word, the more powerful it becomes. I mean essentially this word means nothing, but what exactly is nothing? nothing, not anything; no single thing. Yet it can mean everything.

It's a word that can be applied to so many emotions. You feel nothing, you feel like nothing. Nothing matters anymore. But, everything matters? Nothing is impossible and you shouldn't take that 'nothing' for granted. Life was meant to be lived and every opportunity that arises should be grasped with both hands. If you Google the word, it throws only the negatives, apparently there's nothing good about the word nothing.

But I recently began to read 'The Secret' and although I have to say I disagree with some of it's teachings, it's opened my mind slightly to how I should approach things mentally. Our minds are like television sets each programmed onto different frequencies. We have both good and bad frequencies that give out different types of signals. If our minds are constantly set to giving out a bad frequency then the signal we pick up is constantly going to be bad. Think positively and the good signals will shine out and you'll attract the good things throughout life.

I know it sounds like I'm diverting off the subject but this one word seems to have attached itself to a bad frequency or at least that's how we perceive it. But what if it's only meant for good? Try telling yourself 'I'm going to have nothing but good thoughts today' or 'Nothing will get in my way from now on'. When I started writing this post I thought nothing good would come from it yet I feel a sense of accomplishment as though nothing can get in my way. Seize the day. Nothing can bring you down as long as you don't let it and continue to churn out the good signals from the bad.
As Audrey Hepburn once said 'Nothing is impossible... the word itself says I'm possible.'



PS if you want to take part  in BloggersGroupHug= S.U.S, Support, Unity & Similarity. Read all about it here (http://jaseyjade.blogspot.com/p/bloggersgrouphug.html) Also totally went over the word count by 100+ but I couldn't stop first time and all. Oops.

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