Saturday Liverpool adventures

So with all the stress of University and deadlines and working and general life, today has cured all them bad days. You know the kind of days where just talking makes everything feel better and you and your company don't get tired of each other.

I've been lucky to get the last few weekends off work so me and my best friend Catie went to The Egg Cafe in Liverpool, it's a lovely little vegan/vegetarian hide away in an attic down a side street with the loveliest of vibes. I'm not a vegetarian myself but I definitely love the sound of the food they have on offer. We went for breakfast and had their scrambled eggs on toast (the toast is literally the size of your head! My kinda breakfast) it was lovely. If you're ever in Liverpool I defintely recommend going, we've been a few times and it's just such a nice place to sit and talk. I'm holding on to my coffee shop dreams of meeting the love of your life whilst sipping on a latte. That happens right?

We then did some retail therapy, if my bank account wasn't crying before then it's definitely feeling emotional tonight. But I think I did alright! I got two turtleneck tops from Primark at £6 each, the cardigan was £5 reduced and the teal top was from Forever 21 and an awesome £1.47! I also got some new necklaces and earrings. Pretty cute I think and I only spent about £35. It feels so good to try clothes on and like myself in them now. I wish I'd have took a picture of what Catie bought cos she looked smokinnnnnnnnnn' 

I also got these cute postcard prints from Paperchase, you know I love a good quote!

My FAVOURITE purchase has to be my new friend, meet Spud the Cactus.

Sorry for the photo spam, I just had a really lovely day. It ended with coffee back at mine with my friend Emma and now I'm going to do some Uni work with a smile on my face. Have a super weekend world. What do you guys do to recharge your weekly energy? I leave you with this.


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