Dear 15 year old me,

Hello me!

I remember being 15 well; savour it all this is the best year. You meet your favourite celebrity in the world and get to watch your favourite show film whilst writing a report for the Doctor Who Magazine. You get the chance to be an extra in St Trinians II, but above all you’re happy.

Hold on to that happiness and the confidence and the ‘you don’t care about the way you look’ because I’m afraid it runs out. You’re beautiful inside and out and nobody should ever have the right to tell you otherwise, when they do don’t listen to them because we’re right and they’re wrong. But don’t worry it gets better, you eventually learn to take time to appreciate yourself and the changes that come with that makes you more self aware of your appearance (but we totally rock). The only enemy is yourself and what you see in the mirror is still going to be there next time you look in it, so stare intensely and realise that the flaws you see staring back are what makes you, you.

Now I know you’re going to immediately fall in love with everything you see on set of Doctor Who, let it. Let it consume you and day dream about how one day you’re going to become a kick ass journalist or producer or camera operator but maybe open your eyes up to the industry more. It’s not everything you imagined (spoiler: there’s maths!), don’t let the education system determine your path for success and when you go into Year 11 next term don’t be fooled by teachers advice. You DO NOT have to go to university to make it in life; you don’t have to have a degree to do something you love, just pick up a camera, aim, shoot and smile. Don’t let your love for it run out because I’m afraid it does. It expires in a sense and our eyes get opened up by what’s out there which isn't that much. But don't let that ruin things, stick at it, it's so much more fun when you're doing it for yourself. I can't promise that I know where we're going to end up but we're us so I'm sure it's going to be awesome (maybe revisit your love for Health and Social Care before High School Ends).

There’s always going to be times where you’re up and down like a roller coaster but try and stay more up than down? Friends are going to let you down and those who you imagined to grow old with break your metaphorical friendship heart but accept it and move on, when you get to this age you look back and realise they were the ones that brought you down. You shouldn't aspire to be anybody else but yourself. Oh and family members you idolise are going to make your world collapse but stick with those that matter most. Mum and Dad will always be the best and most annoying people in your life, show them more love they deserve it. If anything learn to let go, don't over think so much and maybe converse with others more. Your awkwardness is cute but in later years can prove a pain when dealing with life. Oh and no we never manage to fix the 'going red at any second' button. It's a pale curse my friend.

But above all, don’t ever give up on your dreams. They define you. 15 year old Chelsey Lamb who’s smile never really fades! With a pocketful of dreams and a heartful of TV shows, an obsession that thankfully dies out with Twilight and the worst fringe known to man. I thank you for giving me the determination to be the person I am now.

Thanks 15 year old me, I hope 21 year old Chelsey is living up to your expectations. Stay geeky.
Goodbye old friend.

From both me and you

PS Things that haven’t changed
- You still hate veg and broccoli somehow only to us tastes like fish
- McFly are still as awesome as ever, sadly plus two but that’s a long story
- David Tennant is still the greatest human to exist, not many people understand that but we know they’re wrong
- The world is still as amazing as ever and I’ll make you proud one day and see it’s very depths
- Bones is still the best show.



  1. Such a wonderful post Chels x

    1. Thank you Jade!!! appreciate it x

  2. This is such an inspiring post. :) I think I have changed since I was 15. Those were some good years too. :)

    1. Thank you SO much! I wish 15 year old me could've have known them too, I wonder how different we'd have turned out :)

  3. What a lovely post, wish I had read this when I was 15.



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