onwards and upwards.

Wow. It's been awhile hasn't it blogspot? I must apologise starting back at University really took it out of me, third year is draining me from within but I'm just starting to resurface. I've had a long bad few weeks, my mentality and self esteem has been at it's lowest and I just didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings so I'm going to try and regularly update my blog with 10 things that's made me happy that week. Starting now.

10 things I've been happy about:
  • The gym - I NEVER thought I'd say that but at the moment whenever I'm stressed it really relieves me, I've lost half a stone since starting back at Uni and almost 10% body fat too!
  • My family - they are my everything.
  • My friends - I take them for granted, I'm miserable, I'm distant sometimes but I'm just thankful they're there. Without them I couldn't carry on.
  • I left the job I trialed for a month and went back to my store in Manchester, I'm a firm believer that you should be surrounded by people who make you happy and they didn't.
  • 3s A Crowd - My new radio show with two of my best friends every Monday 3-5pm on Looprevil.com (you should defo tune in, it's a shambles)
  • St John's Ambulance - I'm just super excited about embarking on this and looking cool as in my uniform, plus they're helping me out with my final year project whilst I make videos from them so that's a huge plus.
  • My birthday - my 21st is coming up and I'm having a party and it's been so fun organising it, I've got a makeshift photobooth, an endless amount of buntings and some awfully fantastic photos of me as a kid.
  • Wicked - my lovely friend Amy bought me tickets for my birthday and I got to see it for the second time, it was even better the second time round too.
  • Time outs - I'm off out for a day of shopping and food and the cinemas tomorrow with my little sister
  • Skydiving - I've just signed up to do a charity skydive in January in honour of the Mind charity that supports those struggling with mental help (I'm gonna make a post on this soon and would LOVE any donations, I'm aiming to raise £500+)

So to everyone that still follows me, I thank you for having patience I want nothing more than to post regularly but I think words escape me too often. Life really is too short, find what and who you love and latch on to them. They are everything.


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