It's not the end.

Okay, so anybody that read my previous post would've saw my emotional kinda breakdown, I get into cycles of low points and I'm not the person to tell those around me so I find blogging my pain through the Internet helps. I want to thank the lovely comments I received, the best cure is niceness and you guys know how to spread love. ❤️

I've decided to keep in touch with the world I'm going to start weekly posts of what I've been up to, they can only be positive things, stuff I've done that's made me happy or appreciate things. Project life. I'm going to start trying new things and hopefully meet some more people along the way, I need to break my bad habits of awkwardness and get out of this mid mid life crisis.

Last weekend my Grandparents celebrated 46 years of marriage, they make me the proudest granddaughter because they've given me so much love the past 20 years and they have the kindest hearts. They truly make life worth living.

I then celebrated my return to Liverpool for my third year with a ten mile bike ride, my poor butt!!! I almost didn't make it. But I believe Liverpool is one of the most beautiful cities and throws some of the prettiest scenes at you even when you're pedalling like your tires are flat whilst sweating from everywhere. (Flattering I know!)

This weekend just gone I went to my friends 18th, we went cocktail making and its was fabulous, I made a solar flare and got to set it on fire and everything. I even shook the cocktail maker that hard I bust my own lip, so hardcore. I love nights out with work friends, some of loveliest people I know. Even if I've just transferred stores to Liverpool, I think I'm gonna have to transfer back I choose happiness over money anyday of the week.

And then yesterday me and my flat mate decided to take flat matters into our own hands and decorated it with shelves and maps and fairy lights and general prettiness... how cute is it now? My favourite bit definitely has to be...
I love them!

Other things that have made this past week or so pretty good:
- I joined St John's. Ambulance service, I'm hoping it'll give me a foot in the door health care wise if I go into my nursing and I get a cool uniform!
- Me and my two Uni friends have just signed upto radio and will have our own show 3-5 every Monday
- I got season 9 of Bones which now completes my DVD collection so far HUZZAH. I also finally purchased Ashes To Ashes Series 3, it was missing from my shelf.
- My 21st birthday party is next month and I'm having a makeshift photobooth so I've spent the week by cheesy props, I can't wait.

So what's made you feel happy this week? Thanks again for being lovely lovely people.

Chels xo

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