Two: Happiness

Sept 2nd: Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers.

What makes me happy? I've mulled over this one for awhile. There's lots of things that make me smile but there's not many that make me warm inside with happiness.  However there is that main one that I think most people will have. Family. They are my everything and my very existence. They bring me so much joy and my sole is aim to make them as happy and as proud as I feel being a part of this family. I don't always tell them this but it's true and everything I do, is for them.

Then there is the little things in life that cheer you up immediately, it's not been a great week for me so far and I was listening to my iPod on shuffle earlier and whenever McFly 'Love is Easy' comes on I immediately feel my sadness drain away as a smile creeps across my face. You might think it's cheesy but as a fan for over 10 years I feel pure happiness as they continue to grow as people and release amazing songs. (You should give it a listen and maybe you'll understand exactly what I mean!)

I feel happy when...
  • My hair goes that bit better than the day before
  • I've had a good day in work
  • My friends randomly text me to see how I am
  • I fit into a smaller size of jeans
  • I look into the mirror and I actually look acceptable for going out
  • I read a book that brings me to tears
  • My favourite TV programme isn't on hiatus
  • The celebrities you love turn out to be cool people
  • My Mum makes my favourite tea
  • My Grandparents smile at me and tell me they love me
  • I travel to places that are new to me
  • I take pictures
  • Somebody reads my posts
  • I meet someone with the same interests
  • I get my wage slip
  • Food in general!!! (carbs carbs carbs)

But also writing this post made me happy; the smallest of things can bring us the biggest of joys. I like the simple things in life, nothing too big or fancy, I like having to work for things and that too makes me happy. I hope everyone taking part in #blogtember feels happy right now.

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Can't wait to read everyone else's day two!

Until tomorrow guys,


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! With you on all points xxx

  2. I keep saying this to everyone but is so true: reading what makes you happy makes me happy! I loved your list and your point of view on happiness!


  3. uhmmm...i love this song! thanks for suggesting to listen to it! "if this is looove its the easiest thing to do do do do do!"

  4. Blog readers and blog comments are definitely one of those small but very happy things.


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