Three: The Sixth Spice Girl

Sept 3rd: "When I grow up I want to be...." Feel free to answer as your 5-year-old self or as of now. 

When I grow up....

I want to be a Spice Girl!


In all seriousness if 5 year old me would've been asked that question that's the only answer you'd have received. I definitely gave off a scary/ginger vibe don't you think? 

Now ask that question to 20 year old me and you'll get a different answer because I really have no clue anymore. 3 years ago I had all the intentions of graduating from degree and being a kick ass camera man or prouder and even owning 'The Chelsey Lamb show' but life doesn't work that way and now going into my 3rd year I can't wait to get away from it. Don't get me wrong I love media but I like the idea of doing it for the love of it and not because I have to. I like being able to chose when I go and take pictures or write.

So when I grow up... I just want to be happy and settled. Other than that I haven't got a clue. I am looking into my nursing which is something little Chelsey always wanted so who knows maybe baby me was right all along. I think nowadays it's harder to find your career passion as everything's money central; so I'm the kind of person to work hard and see where life takes me. 

(If all else fails I'll just reform the Spice Girls with me in it!)

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  1. Some days I still think I would be happier as a member of the Spice Girls (I wanted to be like Baby Spice) Maybe if all else fails we can form our own version of the Spice Girls? ;-)
    -Lacey from just stopping by from the Blogtember link up!

    1. I agree! Baby Spice was always my favourite but my ginger hair tied me down immediately haha! Deal, if I don't get where I wanna be I'll reform the Spice Girls.... now we just need a Posh, Scary & Sporty!


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