Ten: I am me... better get used to it.

Sept 10th: List 10 things that you love about yourself! Let's kick that negative self-talk outta here!

I'm the kind of person who thinks 'yeah I look acceptable today' then by the end of the day I've seen to many glimpses of myself and I looked hideous.

I have zero self esteem and my confidence is probably at it's lowest right now. I'm in a constant state of yo-yo weight and I have a love hate relationship with dieting. But hey oh let's try this out.

1. My hair. I dig being a ginger, people love to throw the 'but you're ginger' statement out there but I've decided it just makes me cooler than all mundane hair colours.
2. My eyes. They have their good days but I think they're quite nice and shiny blue.
3. My legs. I don't particularly love them but I don't hate them so that counts right? 
4. My heart. I like to think I have a good heart, I try and see the good in people.
5. I'm not a bad person. I aim to please and don't like to let people down (also a flaw but it makes me a good person)
6. I'm determined. Once I get something in my mind I don't want to stop until it's done.
7. My love for certain things. Not anything exact but I once I have a passion for something, like taking photographs it consumes anything else.
8. I'm head strong. I work hard for my wages and keeping myself afloat, I'd much rather earn my own money than depend on everybody else.
9. I'm a good daughter. Everything I do is to make my parents proud and I work hard for that.
10. I like to think I'm likeable, once you get to know me I think I'm a nice person.

Sweet baby jesus that was hard.



  1. Ginger hair is way more exciting than other hair colors. I have plain old brown hair, and I'm glad, because it does suit my skin very well, but I've always thought having natural red hair would be pretty cool.

  2. I wish I was ginger - I love ginger hair SOOOO MUCH. Much more interesting than other colours I think.

    And I absolutely agree with 7.

  3. I think people are so mean to people with ginger hair because they're jealous, they now it's so gorgeous and unique and can't handle it! You should print this list out to remind yourself of your awesomeness in those moments when you are feeling down!

  4. Wy do you have such little self esteem? You are gorgeous! Don't think about what other people feel, just do what feels right and problems will solve themselves!



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