Six: Feeling Content

Sept 6th: A "currently..." post. Tell us what you're loving, hating, reading, eating, etc. (Thanks for the list help Bailey!)

...just finished reading 
'Where She Went' the sequel to 'If I Stay'... not as good as the first but I really enjoyed the love the main characters had for each other.

nothing! I've been rewatching the odd Bones repeat but I always hate hiatus season, so glad September is back. Any shows you'd recommend giving a go?

to finish with my head held high. Going into my final year of Uni and I'm trying to go into it with a heart full of motivation.

this bad boy! Went out for lunch with friends today 😊

21st birthday party ideas, it's less than two months away and I have done nothing, argh. Also pinning my bucketlist of places I intended to visit one day.

about the usual Chelsey rants and TV's show that I love love. (@chelslamb)

my third year flat (totes showing off - I'm in awe)

that life's too short to sit around and wait.

the last week of summer and earning decent money before I become a broke ass white girl again.

about the realistic decision I need to make in regards to my profession right now.

happy, my Dad's on the mend after a tough week in hospital... and I've just bought pretty new shoes, I also got a new shirt jumper, necklace and underwear.

for a successful final year in Uni, with a grade to make my folks proud.

to Taylor Swift and Hilary Duff. #teampop

my family for giving me so much love.

to realise how in less than 12 months I'll have finished education with no clue what to do.

I love Blog-tember, makes me wanna write and write. Until the 7th day! 




  1. Your flat is looking fantastic! Way to go on workin' what ya got!

  2. I quite like Sleepy Hollow that's on Fox!

  3. Absolutely love your flat Chels and those shoes are so purty!

  4. Hello I've nominated you for the Liebster Award for details click the link:



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