Seven: 'Okay? Okay.'

Sept 7th: What's on your current reading list? Or what have you read that you recommend?

I'm a sucker when it comes to reading, I have my moments. I can read and read non-stop and then just nothing. I love owning a book and going through highlighting all my favourite quotes.

I've recently finished reading 'If I stay' and the sequel 'Where She Went' like I said in my previous post, both great books if you're a John Green fan, I love me a good tear jerker any day. I'm currently reading Wonder by RJ Palacio and then I'm moving on to SW by Zadie Smith, a book my friends got me but I've never got round to reading it fully.

Books I'd recommend:
- It's Kind Of A Funny Story
The Perks in Being A Wallflower 
- Thirteen Reasons Why
- Paper Towns
- The Fault In Our Stars
(Just alllll John Green books)

What do you guys recommend? I definitely need to read more!




  1. I got so excited when I saw this post! I loved all your recommended books, you should read Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell if you enjoyed John Green's books!

    1. Thank you! and thank you again for the award, super nice of you. Will definitely check out the book you recommended :)

  2. Both those John Green novels i hope to read soon too. :)


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