Keeping busy

Today I helped keep my mind off current life things by tackling an Ikea flat pack all by myself, it was all going so smoothly until I stubbed my thumb and screwdrivered a whole into my hand... and that was when they'd been built and I only had the handles left to put on haha

But all was successful and I managed to revamp the plain ole' £20 drawers into something quite pretty. I love me some maps.

What do you think? I'm gonna take them back to Uni with me next week for my new flat. So excited to move back!
Have any of you took on any DIY projects of your own recently?




  1. I wish we lived closer, because if I had my own place, I would totally get you to make everyday things, different.

    1. Awwwwww that would be awesome! They look better on the pictures though, this is my first attempt so upclose the papers a little wrinkly from the paste... oops!


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