Four: Oversized Everything

Sept 4th: Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

I must admit I am quite a simpleton when it comes to fashion. I love A/W over any other month and my statement is usually 'all black everything'. Skinny jeans, oversized tops and boots. Done and dusted. Either that or leggins and a fancy-ish looking shirt for work.

I'm so easy when it comes to clothes I'm probably not a very good female, comfort anyday of the week! 
I own so many boots it's ridiculous but whenever they hit shelves my bank card goes crazy. That and oversized shirts I'm not the most confidence central person so I opt for big to cover those unwanted lumps and bumps most of the time; I shouldn't but hey ho, we all have our own style. Stick a necklace with them tops and add a heel to your boots and your outfit just got classier right? 

...I love me some brogues too everything looks prettier in a pair of nice brogues... as for bags don't even get me started!

~ When it comes to fashion hates I don't have many... each to their own and everything. I'm not a major fan of crop tops but some people look ridiculously good in them! Anything suede should be banned too, them awful tracksuits that don't fool anybody (I don't wanna see your knicker lines m'love). Haha!

But what about you? What's your favourite go to outfit? I wish I could be brave and wear more fitted clothing with a touch of colour but until then you'll see me rocking the denim and oversized everrrrrrything.




  1. Oversized tops are the best ! So comfy :D

  2. I love oversized items! This list fits my style completely!

    1. Thank you!! I LOVE your blog :)


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