Am I grown up yet?

So I've been thinking and when that happens it usually follows with a ton of questions I can't answer. Minus the obvious ones I ask myself on a daily basis... Why do I look like this? Why the hell am I ginger? Why does healthy food have to taste so bad? Why aren't I travelling the world yet? and then I realise almost everybody is asking them same questions. 

But what I want to know is what age are we meant to consider being 'grown up'? We hear it all the way through life, our parents tell us 'when you're a grown up...' or people ask us 'what do you want to be when you grow up?' it's a question with a infinite amount of answers, so what age would that be?
I've always had a baby face, at 20 I look about 16 and the comments constantly fly with it, so do I have to look older to be considered grown up? Is there a certain professional level I should be at?

I feel society tells us that we should have done so many steps in life to become an official adult whether it's gaining a degree, finding the love of your life, getting married, having a child, having a super professional job... but what happens if we don't want that? What if we want to live freely whilst doing jobs that make us happy not that make us the most money. I think that's where peoples hopes and dreams get lost sometimes, I mean don't get me wrong if your aspirations are to be super successful then go you, well done but some are blinded by what is seen as right. We should live as we want and that will determine our maturity.

I found this comment online '"Grown up" is to me a state of being that's not determined by how long we have lived. Each person will arrive there once they have experienced enough the grow the maturity needed' and I think it says it perfectly, we get there when we're ready not when we follow a set of society rules that gives the impression it's the only way to reach that level in life. Surely when you're comfortable with how your life is going that's when you're considered to be grown up not be A grown up?

Do I make sense? I always make these tangents but I believe one of the most important lessons in life is letting a person choose their own choices as that can put you on the path for happiness.



  1. Completely agree with you, being 'grown up' these days has a whole list of things that you 'should' have accomplished in order for you to be 'grown up'. I think maturity comes from life experiences and lessons, no matter what age you are or what you look like! Lovely blog btw. Added to my reading list! ha
    Alice @

    1. Ah thank you so much! I agree, we become a grown up when we experience enough of life for ourselves and figured it out alone most of the time. Love your blog, added back! Thanks again 😊


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