So far, so good

So after emotionally pouring out my anxiety of graduating in my last post I thought I should restore faith in myself on how far I've come.

I've never been the brainy kid or the over-achiever through primary or high school, I scraped by in my GCSE's with C's and had to resit Maths (anyone who knows me understands my hatred for the number crunching subject) but I did it. I went to college and managed to get BBC in Media, English & Film. Grades fitting for a media student that successfully secured myself a place studying Broadcast and Media Production at LJMU.
(side note: make sure you know what type of degree you sign up for they can sneakily involve maths)
I've passed both years with high 2:1's and even snuck in a few cheeky first grades here and there. 

Despite all my moaning and awkwardness at receiving compliments I am proud of myself, I freaking did it and will hopefully do it again next year graduating with a 2:1 and rocking a gown. Who knows what the future is gonna bring but I'll have a fancy piece of paper with honours and a picture hanging pride of place in my parents house. 

So if you're one of them people like myself who settles for second best or has to put that extra bit of umph into everything yet still comes out average whilst everyone else succeeds, stick at it. Things get better.

Chels xo

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