Ready, set... throw.

So a few weeks ago, I went to Liverpool's Holione Colour Festival in Stanley Park. I'd built myself up for months and months and months with excitement and how beautiful the weather would be. To my disappointment there was rain and wind and more rain, but I decided that wouldn't ruin my day and pulled out my best white top and flowered head band...

We must have payed around £40 for the ticket, that gives you entry to the festival, a wristband and 5 bags of colour. I think in essence the idea is amazing and with a good few glasses of vodka and some sun it would be AMAZING but I think the Holione crew let it down slightly, they let the weather ruin it for them so it almost seemed as it the day was slightly doomed. However, we got a good few hours out of it and didn't let it dampen our spirits... just our clothes.

I also got some footage whilst there and put together a video, I'm definitely going to return but going to try out the Manchester one next year... maybe one day I can go to India and experience the real thing.

I'm really going to try and blog from now on as it takes my mind off things, so hopefully you should see more of me! (we'll see ha!)

Chels xo

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