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Uber quick post today about my week so far... On Friday I had the pleasure of going to a beautiful family wedding. It started with a lovely ceremony at the registry office in Chorley followed by a slap up 3 course meal at Luigi's Italian (to die for!!!) and then the reception in the evening.

I just wanted to show you some of the photos we took for the happy couple, mainly by my Dad and then some me, my Nikon did alright! Followed by a quick edit (vscocam I love thee)

I also want to wish Tracy and Stephen the very best, doesn't she look amazing?

Until next time
Chels xo


So far, so good

So after emotionally pouring out my anxiety of graduating in my last post I thought I should restore faith in myself on how far I've come.

I've never been the brainy kid or the over-achiever through primary or high school, I scraped by in my GCSE's with C's and had to resit Maths (anyone who knows me understands my hatred for the number crunching subject) but I did it. I went to college and managed to get BBC in Media, English & Film. Grades fitting for a media student that successfully secured myself a place studying Broadcast and Media Production at LJMU.
(side note: make sure you know what type of degree you sign up for they can sneakily involve maths)
I've passed both years with high 2:1's and even snuck in a few cheeky first grades here and there. 

Despite all my moaning and awkwardness at receiving compliments I am proud of myself, I freaking did it and will hopefully do it again next year graduating with a 2:1 and rocking a gown. Who knows what the future is gonna bring but I'll have a fancy piece of paper with honours and a picture hanging pride of place in my parents house. 

So if you're one of them people like myself who settles for second best or has to put that extra bit of umph into everything yet still comes out average whilst everyone else succeeds, stick at it. Things get better.

Chels xo

Growing pains

In September I'll be going into my third year of University at LJMU, after finishing year two with a 2:1 I couldn't be any happier but the anxiety builds as I sit and think about one year from now when I'm education free and can start my life doing... what exactly?

Don't get me wrong part of me can't wait, I think I'd realised towards the end of year one/start of year two that I'd picked the wrong degree. I love taking pictures and making videos but I don't think I'll ever get into that stage of wanting it as a career anymore. Call me selfish but I like the idea of doing it on the side to cheer me up. I do it because I enjoy it and I don't want it to become something I no longer enjoy. Growing up is scary and the more my brain overloads on the idea that I've got start being an adult next year, the more it stresses me out.

I wish I was that little kid again with no cares in the world, I'd love to be able to go back to 11 year old me going into Year 7 and tell myself 'Try harder in school and pick a better career plan' or 'Don't go to Uni unless you really need to, it's just a useless part of life with debt'... who knows where I'd be now!! Maybe I'd have invented Netflix hahahaha
I can hear you all saying 'it's all part of growing up' but my inner stress head is screaming inside. The idea of being told at such a young age that you ultimately have to choose what you want to be when you grow up or that University is the only path that gives you a job. 

If anything, being at University has taught me that education shouldn't determine your happiness, you determine your own happiness and I can't wait for the day I'm not having to think about submitting another film essay or worrying about a maths test I never wanted to take. But I guess that's all apart of growing up; you never truly know what you want until you try it out. A customer in work said this to me a few days ago 'follow your dreams kid; whatever people tell you to do, don't' and it really got me thinking, so I've decided that as long as I'm making myself and my parents proud... why should it matter what I do in my career?

Ready, set... throw.

So a few weeks ago, I went to Liverpool's Holione Colour Festival in Stanley Park. I'd built myself up for months and months and months with excitement and how beautiful the weather would be. To my disappointment there was rain and wind and more rain, but I decided that wouldn't ruin my day and pulled out my best white top and flowered head band...

We must have payed around £40 for the ticket, that gives you entry to the festival, a wristband and 5 bags of colour. I think in essence the idea is amazing and with a good few glasses of vodka and some sun it would be AMAZING but I think the Holione crew let it down slightly, they let the weather ruin it for them so it almost seemed as it the day was slightly doomed. However, we got a good few hours out of it and didn't let it dampen our spirits... just our clothes.

I also got some footage whilst there and put together a video, I'm definitely going to return but going to try out the Manchester one next year... maybe one day I can go to India and experience the real thing.

I'm really going to try and blog from now on as it takes my mind off things, so hopefully you should see more of me! (we'll see ha!)

Chels xo

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