Whaddup bloggers, it's that time of the month where I apologise for posting absolutely nothing again. What can I say? I'm useless!

I've been busy working as usual and serving the Manchester public wanting to buy clothes in Evans. I do love my job though, not so much my job but the people they totally rock. I mean look at these beauties...

Any retail shop needs people like this, who can't wait for the next time to get totally white girl wasted!!!! 🍹

Other than that I've been busy planning my final year project, it's still quite sketchy but I'm making a documentary on Mad Dogs. A homeless organisation based in Manchester that go out 4-5 times a week with hot meals for the homeless. I went on my first run this Sunday and it was such an eye opening experience, it truly felt like some good was being done. Everybody has a story and I hope to document that and show what amazing work these people do.

I'll be documenting my work throughout so check it out! 

Have a super week! Chels xo

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