I knew I'd hit that moment where I forget to post... it's not so much forgetting but having nothing interesting to blog about! I've recently finished my 2nd year of Uni (hallelujah - I hate that place) so I'm back in Manchester for the summer working and getting every little bit of overtime in order to start paying my rent or I may end up homeless in Liverpool. I'm making it my mission to go on as many mini adventures as possible before summers out so stay tuned. This post is just about what I've been up to this week or so (it's been ace!)

09/05 - McBusted Manchester Arena
Now McFly have been my favourite band for the past 10 years, everything about them screams awesomeness and with every gig I'm left in awe. I wasn't a huge Busted fan so I wasn't a huge McBusted lover but boy did they put on a show, it didn't feel like a McFly concert or a Busted concert, it was a McBusted concert. They owned every minute of it, I mean don't get me wrong I would have loved some more McFly songs here and there.... Love is On The Radio would have been good but it was an amazing atmosphere to be a part of.

10/05 The Clone Roses Manchester Academy
Growing up with a Manchester born Collyhurst based Dad gave me an insight into the Stone Roses/Oasis/The Smiths etc so it was inevitable that I'd like them. I genuinely think they are the soundtracks to my city and the vibe at this gig was unreal, even if half were my Dads age. The 'manchester lalalalala' atmosphere was electric and the crowd was epic. Sally Cinnamon will always be my favourite and the fake Ian Brown did it proud. It was even better ending in a night out with Catie in 42s.

14/05 Miley Cryus Manchester Arena
Other than CRAYZAY I don't quite know how to explain this concert... Lauren got free tickets and being a fan that grew up around Hannah Montana I always liked Miley Cyrus so we went, I mean fame has almost definitely gone to her head and there wasn't much need for the constant touching herself and references to weed smoking but sweet jesus she puts on a show. There wasn't a dull moment and you couldn't keep your eyes off her, so I guess to some extent she succeeded but she's lost it. 100%.

15/05 Home Sweet Home
My lovely lovely friend Catie (go check her blog out here) and I went to 'Home Sweet Home' after I finished work last Thursday for the nicest milkshakes ever. Priced at £3.50 for the simple ones I had chocolate and Catie got Vanilla and oh lordy was it delicious, I'd finished it in about 5 seconds haha. I'd defo recommend going here if you're in the Manchester area, it's located in the Northern Quarter and is the prettiest little place. The pulled pork burgers are to die for! I'm waiting to go back to try the sweet potato fries.

17/05 Dovestones

 I had the weekend off so me and Catie headed to Dovestones Reservoir just outside of town in Greenfield and it's such a pretty little place. The weather was to die for and we took our pack lunches like school kids and just walked and talked. We're both vscocam/instagram lovers so it was definitely a picture stop (wait till we travel the world in 2016 you'll be spammed!) It was nice not to be working and just enjoying the little things. We've decided next time we'll be in hiking boots climbing up the big hills!

As you can see I've had a fun week and a bit topped off with a family BBQ and a walk to Heaton Park - I managed about 15 miles this weekend so I'm seeing how far I can push myself, it's time to get fit. Sorry for not blogging in awhile I'm still getting a hang of this. Peach out bloggers - I'll try not to leave it so long!

Chels xo

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