Scottish referendum #4

So you may have seen this in the news, but in September the lovely people of Scotland will vote whether or not they should be an independent country.

I don't have much of an opinion on this but do we smell or something? Like seriously we're British mother fxckers, bow down and drink tea and eat scones and talk about how cute the queen is with us. Why does everybody wanna disband from us? You're totally attached to ENGLAND we're not attached to SCOTLAND just stick around and we'll have one big super party; bring your best kilts and ginger beards and we'll shower you with our Britishness. No I'm totally joking but you've been with us  since 1707 so why do you wanna leave now?

If it helps I wouldn't wanna be a part of England either. Them stupid vindictive Tories ruined everything, ruddy politics!!!!! I just don't think this vote should put any strain on the relationship between the English and Scottish, at the end of the day it's their own country and if they want the independence then so be it (but please don't I feel like you're totally taking David Tennant away from me even if he lives in England). What will be, will be and I think our government has a lot to answer for if it happens because it's most likely their fault for driving every country away and throwing all the money away. As you can see I'm totally equipped in the world of polictics, I never really pay attention other than to hate those in power. Ha!

Sorry it's an uber short one today, this was a toughie and it's been a long week.

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