Ghosts #1

So like I said me and my friend were taking on a project where twice a week we give each other topics to write about... you'll see it under the #gingewinge page along with Toms topic that week.
I found this one a difficult subject to tackle (thanks Tom!) hence me leaving it till the last minute after work. Ghosts. It's a funny one isn't it? Personally I prefer mine advertised around Halloween with a white sheet over them. 

After some extensive googling and reading forums into the paranormal it's a subject I don't like to dwell on too much, to sum up Ghost hunter Hans Holzer wrote:
"A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is not aware usually of his true condition. We are all spirits encased in physical body. At the mtime of passing, our spirit body continues into the next dimension. A ghost, on the other hand, due to trauma, is stuck in our physical and needs to be released to go on."

I've never been good with the subject of death, since being little I've spent so many sleepless nights worrying about dying and what happens when you do. It's my only real fear in life, to die and never leave something behind or losing those around me first. The thought of becoming a ghost trapped in a limbo state and haunting a place that is either the scene of your death or somewhere that was loved by you when you were alive isn't something that soothes my thoughts. I think those that do believe in ghosts have to have a good belief system that to some extent stems into an aspect of religion and honestly? I've never wanted to believe. I just don't see how tracing back on past memories or places in a ghost form could be peaceful in whatever the afterlife brings to us. It's said that since energy cannot be neither destroyed or created then the energy we're made off can't die resulting in ghosts forming. 

I mean of course you have to look at it from the angle of those who pass before their time is up, they're leaving something behind and if ghosts were real then the method in them being stuck in between means something. But I think those who live out there lives till the end tend to come to an agreement and accept death (nobody ever truly wants to die - I get that) meaning the story they'd spent their years writing comes to it's final conclusion. 

I know this has almost turned onto the subject of death but anything surrounding it always pulls at my heart strings and brings a tear to my eye. Since being the 10 year old thinking 'what happens after death?' to being the 20 year old still not knowing; to this day I still get the night terrors. But nobody knows, the dead don't speak to us and I honestly don't think they come back, I think the signs we see linking us back to our loved ones is down to the brain, an organ that will never be grasped or used to it's full potential so maybe it's showing us what we want to see. I like to think when we die we become at peace with the Earth and what's done is done. One persons opinions doesn't change the world, so this was mine and I guess we won't know until it's being experienced... but even then can we experience it?

My thoughts have been shared, I hope it's not too deep for a Thursday!
Life is something that is beautiful even if we don't feel it all the time but when that small sight of light appears, smile and take it in for that second, hour or day. Until death takes us, the story we choose to write is our own. Don't follow a structure, have millions of beginnings and do what you want, not what others want you to do. We're all still finding ourselves until the day we die, so whether or not we find ourselves in this 'in between' just chose to take something with you, a legacy. 

I think even when reaching and waiting for the end, we're always thinking about the new beginning to follow.

(check out Tom's bi-weekly #gingewinge here, I gave him the subject of religion)


  1. I totally agree with you on the subject of death...throughout the years the only thing that I've really feared was the thought of death--not really afraid of dying, but not knowing what truly happens. Good first post, you've got a new follower:)

    1. Thank you so much! I was really anxious about posting and I know it can be a touchy subject to people. But you've given me confidence, I look forwarding to reading more of your posts now as well :)


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