Gay Marriage #3

The ever so controversial subject of same-sex marriage is a huge one to the end of the earth and back. And I constantly ask myself why? Growing up in an era where the word gay was used out of context whilst being thrown about like nobodies business when it once simply meant 'happy', I personally don't like the word gay, straight isn't thrown about so easily. Can you imagine somebody saying 'don't be so straight', so why world why?

I am a strong believer in you love who you love, no amount of obstacles should overcome that whether it be ethnicity, religion or like being discussed your sexuality. If a man loves a woman, great. If a woman loves a woman, great. If a man loves a man, great. We are ALL human. Think of us like computers we're all programmed similar if not the same when starting out and the programs and viruses we pick up along the way are fate, they happen. I think everything happens for a reason, yes sometimes these reasons are out of the blue or painful but it leads to a good cause. As humans we crave love and acceptance and if being in a heterosexual and homosexual relationship gives us those basic needs then why should it be an issue? I am proud of the UK making same-sex marriage legal as it gives everybody the chance to be equal. Why there has been such a delay is beyond me. I think the more time spent glossing over the subject of sexuality creates the buzz and sometimes bad stigma making it worse. I do feel that's what's caused problems over years... the ignorance of the world of the subject in hand. By not acknowledging it or even trying to understand it (which really there isn't anything to understand) it's caused people to hide away from who they are or for pig-headed bullies to use it as a reason to vent their anger. So congratulations to all those couples who couldn't get married before. You go walk down that aisle and look fabulous.
I just hope one day the equality spreads worldwide.

You should check out this arcticle that lists 10 Animals that practice homosexuality... just because they frikken can. 

I know this post is tiny but I don't think there's much to say on the subject other than if you're reading this and you're against it, I believe you're 100% wrong and no amount of rubbish facts will change that.

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