Cryptozoology #2

First of all super sorry I'm late with my gingewinges and general attendance on blogspot this week. Deadlines
are coming at me like there's no tomorrow and I suddenly got a social life thrown at me (I know, I can't cope!)

So you'll be getting two #gingewinge posts close together, the first is covering the topic of Cryptids. Simply meaning 'hidden animals' these are your big foots, loch ness monsters and some I'd never even heard off. Now we've established I'm not a big believer in much other than the pocketful of dreams I carry around but I guess Cryptozoology is pretty funky. It's a type of pseudoscience (a scientific belief) that involves the search for animals whose existence has not yet been proven or can sometimes be considered extinct. A little part of me though does wonder if these Cryptids have to have a mental test before researching or they just got bored one day and took a picture of a dodgy looking branch floating around back in 1934...

I mean this looks more like two people in a comedy horse suit than a famous folklore creature on land?
But nethertheless I scoured the internet and there's hundreds of pages dedicated to these creatures that existences haven't been proven or hardly seen. Check out this one, it's full of whacky theories. Good ole' Nessie has definitely got to best and the one we've all heard about. So many have come forward and demanded to have seen her, yet you'd think after the vast technological improvements we'd have something better than pixelated images to show, don't we have some fancy thermal imaging shizz to see if there truly is a giant long snake-like dragony, lizardy thing floating around a lake in Scotland? It's even recently been reported that she's packed up her belongings and emigrated to Australia as nobody has seen her in 18 months and with sightings now emerging from there... I don't blame her! I'd totally swim there too if possible. Surely she wouldn't be able to adapt to the changes in water and temperatures of down under? or even possibly get there?! These ruddy pseudosciences man, they've got too much faith and time on their hands if you ask me.

My favourites are the dinosaur-like birds (or birds basically) like Ropens that have only truly been seen by eye witnesses and no photos have ever emerged and over 90% of the sightings being from a distant in a glowing form... which in simple terms means MOVES TOO FAST TO BE SEEN. These Cryptids sound totally legit to me.

I did try and look into this subject to open my beliefs up to the possibilities of these animals existing, it is genuinely fascinating and the world would be a cooler place with them in it. If these creatures have lived for years and years on end and survived, evolved and adapted to our ever changing planet then I think it'd be a real eye opener for us and science in general. But until then the internet should throw some real facts and better photos at me. How do I know my 80 year old half blind Great Gran didn't see one of them out of her bad eye?


Sorry it's a quick one - I'm playing catch up. Check out Tom's second #gingewinge post on Flight MH730!
I'll try my best not to abandon you guys again.
Peace out, chels xo

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