onwards and upwards.

Wow. It's been awhile hasn't it blogspot? I must apologise starting back at University really took it out of me, third year is draining me from within but I'm just starting to resurface. I've had a long bad few weeks, my mentality and self esteem has been at it's lowest and I just didn't want to get out of bed in the mornings so I'm going to try and regularly update my blog with 10 things that's made me happy that week. Starting now.

10 things I've been happy about:
  • The gym - I NEVER thought I'd say that but at the moment whenever I'm stressed it really relieves me, I've lost half a stone since starting back at Uni and almost 10% body fat too!
  • My family - they are my everything.
  • My friends - I take them for granted, I'm miserable, I'm distant sometimes but I'm just thankful they're there. Without them I couldn't carry on.
  • I left the job I trialed for a month and went back to my store in Manchester, I'm a firm believer that you should be surrounded by people who make you happy and they didn't.
  • 3s A Crowd - My new radio show with two of my best friends every Monday 3-5pm on Looprevil.com (you should defo tune in, it's a shambles)
  • St John's Ambulance - I'm just super excited about embarking on this and looking cool as in my uniform, plus they're helping me out with my final year project whilst I make videos from them so that's a huge plus.
  • My birthday - my 21st is coming up and I'm having a party and it's been so fun organising it, I've got a makeshift photobooth, an endless amount of buntings and some awfully fantastic photos of me as a kid.
  • Wicked - my lovely friend Amy bought me tickets for my birthday and I got to see it for the second time, it was even better the second time round too.
  • Time outs - I'm off out for a day of shopping and food and the cinemas tomorrow with my little sister
  • Skydiving - I've just signed up to do a charity skydive in January in honour of the Mind charity that supports those struggling with mental help (I'm gonna make a post on this soon and would LOVE any donations, I'm aiming to raise £500+)

So to everyone that still follows me, I thank you for having patience I want nothing more than to post regularly but I think words escape me too often. Life really is too short, find what and who you love and latch on to them. They are everything.


It's not the end.

Okay, so anybody that read my previous post would've saw my emotional kinda breakdown, I get into cycles of low points and I'm not the person to tell those around me so I find blogging my pain through the Internet helps. I want to thank the lovely comments I received, the best cure is niceness and you guys know how to spread love. ❤️

I've decided to keep in touch with the world I'm going to start weekly posts of what I've been up to, they can only be positive things, stuff I've done that's made me happy or appreciate things. Project life. I'm going to start trying new things and hopefully meet some more people along the way, I need to break my bad habits of awkwardness and get out of this mid mid life crisis.

Last weekend my Grandparents celebrated 46 years of marriage, they make me the proudest granddaughter because they've given me so much love the past 20 years and they have the kindest hearts. They truly make life worth living.

I then celebrated my return to Liverpool for my third year with a ten mile bike ride, my poor butt!!! I almost didn't make it. But I believe Liverpool is one of the most beautiful cities and throws some of the prettiest scenes at you even when you're pedalling like your tires are flat whilst sweating from everywhere. (Flattering I know!)

This weekend just gone I went to my friends 18th, we went cocktail making and its was fabulous, I made a solar flare and got to set it on fire and everything. I even shook the cocktail maker that hard I bust my own lip, so hardcore. I love nights out with work friends, some of loveliest people I know. Even if I've just transferred stores to Liverpool, I think I'm gonna have to transfer back I choose happiness over money anyday of the week.

And then yesterday me and my flat mate decided to take flat matters into our own hands and decorated it with shelves and maps and fairy lights and general prettiness... how cute is it now? My favourite bit definitely has to be...
I love them!

Other things that have made this past week or so pretty good:
- I joined St John's. Ambulance service, I'm hoping it'll give me a foot in the door health care wise if I go into my nursing and I get a cool uniform!
- Me and my two Uni friends have just signed upto radio and will have our own show 3-5 every Monday
- I got season 9 of Bones which now completes my DVD collection so far HUZZAH. I also finally purchased Ashes To Ashes Series 3, it was missing from my shelf.
- My 21st birthday party is next month and I'm having a makeshift photobooth so I've spent the week by cheesy props, I can't wait.

So what's made you feel happy this week? Thanks again for being lovely lovely people.

Chels xo

GUEST POST: The lovely Meg!

I didn't quite keep up with Blog-tember but my lovely lovely friend Meg and I decided we would do each other's guest post (you NEED to check her out here, she's just the definition of awesome), she gave me the British Tag questions which is cool we're both from different ends I'm a Northerner and she's a Southerner!

How lovely is she? 

Here goes Megs answers!

How many cups of tea do you have a day and how many sugars? 
That’s actually a good question. Usually, a minimum of two. I just know that if I don’t have at least one cup a day, I will get in a bit of a mood. That’s bad, isn’t it? I think it’s just because I feel that the day isn’t complete if I don’t have at least one cup!!

What is your favourite part of your roast dinner? 
Roast potatoes, every single time. And drenched in gravy.
The potatoes must be fluffly in the middle, oh good lord, I’m drooling as I write this! 

What is your favourite dunking biscuit? 
I’m quite a jaffa cake fan, and will dunk them any day in a cuppa, but carefully, otherwise you’ll lose it in the cup/mug forever. At the moment I love chocolate orange digestives. And am also partial to a chocolate chip cookie now and then.

What is your favourite quintessentially British pastime?  
I don’t think it would really be considered being a pastime, but being a sarcastic sod. Seriously, I’m so sarcastic that I remember one girl at college actually thought I was depressed.
Maybe I should go into acting…

What is your favourite word? 
I seem to be saying ‘toodle pip’ a lot lately!

Do you know any cockney rhyme slang? 
Well, my mum was born in London, so I like to hope I know some!
My favourite would probably be the old apples’n’pairs – stairs, and of course, boat race – face. Amongst many others but I would be here all day.

What is your favourite sweet? 
The sweet that I used to love getting, and still do on occasion from this sweet shop near uni is toffee crumble. When you get the right one? HEAVEN ON EARTH. I used to get that everyday for myself on the way home from school. 50p’s worth, and it would practically be gone by the time I got home!

What would your pub be called? 
The Discombobulated Cat. Just because discombobulated is a word that’s tickled my fancy for years, and a cat? Just because. I suppose The Discombobulated Dog could work too! 
It would be a good ol’ pub though. Good old British food, and because I live by the sea? The fish would be fresh if we had that on the menu. I’d have to have a bit of a Doctor Who element in there somewhere. Oh gosh, okay – when episodes air, we’d have theme nights. Yes. I’m down for that.

Who is your no.1 British person?
This is such a horrible question! I have three people. Julie Andrews, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tom Hiddleston. That’s it. You cannot make me choose.

What British song pops into your head? 
Blur – Country House. 



I told you she's super! Meg, hit me up when your pubs running cos it's the coolest name and guuuuuuurl two sarcasms a make a whole.




I failed Blogtember epicly, University has started again and I'm in my final year terrified that I'm failing before it's even begun, My Dads been ill but things are finally looking up, I'm in my new flat and I've just transferred stores with work so I'm in Liverpool full time now which makes me sad because I worked with some of the best people.
I think I've always had a different mindset to those my age, I joke it off but I've found it to be a hindrance over the years. I over think every little detail, I worry about everything and stress to point of giving up. It truly makes me hate myself at times, but recently I've found them worries to be getting worse. I get myself into these states and cycles of bad where my body feels like the negative end of the battery that just has no charge. I used to get so excited at the thought of growing up and starting life, I think all the illusions we're given over the years has worn off and I feel life has no appeal. I've settled. My dreams were so big and now I don't know what to feel or even dream anymore. I just take on the day as it comes in hope that one day I'll land on my feet, does anybody else feel like this? I swear I'm having a pre-mid life crisis, my brain hurts 24/7 and not in a good way.

I've always had low confidence and self esteem, I'm constantly at war with myself and coupled with general life not going the way I always imagined it would, I'm just oh so bored. If 8 year old me was to see 20 year old me would she be satisfied with how things are going? I doubt it. I'm an awkward unattractive, chubby almost 21 year old. I feel like everybody is two steps ahead of me whether it be they've found the love of their life or they know exactly what they want and how they're going to achieve it. I just want too many changes but I can't bring myself to make it any.

This has been a mis-matched emotional-ish kinda post, I apologise. I will try and post more often again now I promise.

Eleven: Family.

Sept 11th: How do you stay inspired? Who inspires you the most?

This is a short, sweet and simple one for me. Family. They are my everything, the values we have as a unit inspire me to want to achieve more and make me more determined. They are the reason I am who I am today. If things get hard, I remember all they've given me and that gives me the motivation to carry on and succeed. They are my inspiration in life.

What about you guys?


Ten: I am me... better get used to it.

Sept 10th: List 10 things that you love about yourself! Let's kick that negative self-talk outta here!

I'm the kind of person who thinks 'yeah I look acceptable today' then by the end of the day I've seen to many glimpses of myself and I looked hideous.

I have zero self esteem and my confidence is probably at it's lowest right now. I'm in a constant state of yo-yo weight and I have a love hate relationship with dieting. But hey oh let's try this out.

1. My hair. I dig being a ginger, people love to throw the 'but you're ginger' statement out there but I've decided it just makes me cooler than all mundane hair colours.
2. My eyes. They have their good days but I think they're quite nice and shiny blue.
3. My legs. I don't particularly love them but I don't hate them so that counts right? 
4. My heart. I like to think I have a good heart, I try and see the good in people.
5. I'm not a bad person. I aim to please and don't like to let people down (also a flaw but it makes me a good person)
6. I'm determined. Once I get something in my mind I don't want to stop until it's done.
7. My love for certain things. Not anything exact but I once I have a passion for something, like taking photographs it consumes anything else.
8. I'm head strong. I work hard for my wages and keeping myself afloat, I'd much rather earn my own money than depend on everybody else.
9. I'm a good daughter. Everything I do is to make my parents proud and I work hard for that.
10. I like to think I'm likeable, once you get to know me I think I'm a nice person.

Sweet baby jesus that was hard.


Nine: Introverted mess

Sept 9th: Let's talk personality types. Introverted? Extroverted? Unsure-troverted?

I saw this on tumblr yesterday and give or take a few elements I imagine this is what my mind looks like. I'm most definitely an introvert. My personality bubbles with an extra heap of awkwardness and anxiety issues, I go red in any situation... it's the bane of my existence. I'm the kind of person that feels alone in a big crowd.

Being introverted doesn't always just mean you're shy, you prefer the inner piece of your own mind. I often find myself needing to recharge after a day of constant social-ness, I happily avoid all social events and let my phone go to voice mail or turn up to work, get the job done quietly and go home. I hate fuss.

I can see people's minds wondering why I'm like this, I can't help it. I'm a quiet minded person with a big personality that I feel should remain hidden at times, I freak at the thought of confrontation and say yes too many times for my own good. I feel my main weakness is letting people have the ability to pick up on my personality type and use it to their peril, people are my weakness. I enjoy keeping a small group of friends and what I lack in social skills I make up in being a friend.

I think introverts are the biggest people persons without actually knowing it, we enjoy seeing others happy and making sure they're okay. I wouldn't change how I am or how my mind works but I do wish I could break through the awkward barrier (I wouldn't mind having an eye contact convo with my boss one day!)

What personality type are you?
Sorry it's late today, it's been a long one!

Until tomorrow


Eight: Because music gets me through...

Sept 8th: Music that moves you. Are you a Spotify addict or a Pandora guru? Tell us your favorite artists/stations

Ah music. It honestly gets me through the day, the minute I leave my headphones at home I know my days ruined. I find it helps break your time up, it's soothes me on the way to work and soothes me back home if I've had a crappy shift. My iPod blasts through my flat when I'm getting ready for the day or going out, if I'm cooking my dinner then I'll stick the radio on in the background.

I think music is so powerful, if I'm having a low day I'll put some of my favourite songs on and my mood is immediately lifted... does anybody else find themselves clinging on to certain songs for certain moods? If you've read any of my other Blog-tember posts you'll know I'm a huge fan of McFly, pop is my thing and them four guys lift my spirits. 'Love is Easy' is guaranteed to put a smile on my face any time of day... the energy they have as a band is life changing and I don't give a damn how daft that sounds.

Other than McFly I will honestly listen to whatever my ears like the sound of; from Olly Murs to The Stones Roses, from Jessie J to The Smiths. If I like it, I'll put it on my iPod. I'm not a fan of people who stereotype themselves with a type of music, yes they may like that genre more but why limit yourself to just one? I love the artists who haven't let fame consume them like McFly, Olly Murs, Demi Lovato, Bruno Mars and Ed Sheeran.

Who do you guys love to jam away to? 
These are the 3 sounds on repeat in my head right now....


I've been nominated!

I've been nominated for Liebster Award by Sophie (click the link for her lovely blog), thank you so much! She asked me these questions and these are my answers :0)

Her Questions for me were...

Why did you start blogging?
I wanted a place to write down my thoughts, my rants and my feelings towards the world. I'm not a person to tell the world my business in every day life so I find my blog is the happy medium where I can get them feelings out, it's almost a relief if you like.

What is your favourite place in the world?This is hard one, I don't think I have a favourite place in the world. My home will always be the one place I want to be when I'm sad, in my old bed. But in terms of somewhere I feel tranquil? The Docks in Liverpool, they're so pretty whenever I want to clear my head or want to go for a walk I always find myself here.

If you could only listen to one artist/band for the rest of your life what would it be? 
McFly hands down. They put so many smiles on my face and they're the nicest four guys ever.

Looking back what advice would you give your younger self?
Quit eating all them fries!!!! Haha but no on a serious note I'd tell myself to stop worrying, life's still going to go on, the world isn't going to end, no amount of worrying will change anything, you stress too much and you're super awkward. Quit that whilst you're young kid, it's only going give 20 year old you consequences.

Is there anything that you didn't do but regret not doing it?
I regret lots of things, I wish I'd have gone out more in the past two years, made as many friends as possible, didn't find my own company better than company with others. I regret people taking advantage of me sometimes, I'm a sucker for the word 'yes'.

What is your favourite film/book?
Ooh that's a toughie, for the past few years 500 days of Summer has been my favourite film but I think Billy Elliot and Jimmy Grimble will be my joint firsts, such good classics. My favourite book right now is The Fault in Our Stars, I blabbed like a BABY! (Harry Potter books are always first though)

What are your plans for the next year?
I intend to graduate with atleast a 2:1 then hopefully get a role as a Health Care Assistant before eventually doing my Nursing, I want to save like crazy for the next year so I can do some travelling before real adult life starts!

What countries would you like to visit?
Does there have to be a limit? I want to do the whole of America, Australia, Africa, India, More of France, China... the list really is endless and I'm not going to stop until I've ticked them all off.

If you could buy anything you wanted, what would it be?
It sounds lame, I'm not one for expensive things, I've like a Macbook I don't need a Macbook, I want new clothes but I don't need new clothes. I'd honestly buy myself a year round train ticket to get between Liverpool and Manchester easier for work, money worrying is stressful. A weight would be lifted with that ticket. (how sad am I for only wanting that?! haha)

Who is your favourite celebrity?
Female: Emily Deschanel
Male: David Tennant (he will always be my one true celebrity love)

My questions for you are...
1. Is there a certain word, saying or quote you live your life by?
2. What are the top 5 places to visit on your bucket list?
3. Name one thing on your body you like? (Remember you're beautiful always!)
4. Do you have a 5 year plan? If so or if not, where would you like to see yourself in 5 years?
5. If you wasn't blogging right now, is there something else you should be doing? (I totally procrastinate my work by blogging instead!)
6. You're stuck in a room for a year with one TV boxset, which boxset would it be?
7. If you could make one change, any change (your life, the world, etc), what would it be?
8. Imagine yourself as a character, book, TV, film anything... who would you be?
9. Who would you say is your biggest inspiration in life?
10. What's your dream career? Or are you already doing it?

These are the rules...

You must link back to the person who tagged you
You must answer all the questions above
You must come up with 10 other questions of your own
You must Tag 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers 

Enjoy, and thank you for being awesome bloggers.



Seven: 'Okay? Okay.'

Sept 7th: What's on your current reading list? Or what have you read that you recommend?

I'm a sucker when it comes to reading, I have my moments. I can read and read non-stop and then just nothing. I love owning a book and going through highlighting all my favourite quotes.

I've recently finished reading 'If I stay' and the sequel 'Where She Went' like I said in my previous post, both great books if you're a John Green fan, I love me a good tear jerker any day. I'm currently reading Wonder by RJ Palacio and then I'm moving on to SW by Zadie Smith, a book my friends got me but I've never got round to reading it fully.

Books I'd recommend:
- It's Kind Of A Funny Story
The Perks in Being A Wallflower 
- Thirteen Reasons Why
- Paper Towns
- The Fault In Our Stars
(Just alllll John Green books)

What do you guys recommend? I definitely need to read more!



Six: Feeling Content

Sept 6th: A "currently..." post. Tell us what you're loving, hating, reading, eating, etc. (Thanks for the list help Bailey!)

...just finished reading 
'Where She Went' the sequel to 'If I Stay'... not as good as the first but I really enjoyed the love the main characters had for each other.

nothing! I've been rewatching the odd Bones repeat but I always hate hiatus season, so glad September is back. Any shows you'd recommend giving a go?

to finish with my head held high. Going into my final year of Uni and I'm trying to go into it with a heart full of motivation.

this bad boy! Went out for lunch with friends today 😊

21st birthday party ideas, it's less than two months away and I have done nothing, argh. Also pinning my bucketlist of places I intended to visit one day.

about the usual Chelsey rants and TV's show that I love love. (@chelslamb)

my third year flat (totes showing off - I'm in awe)

that life's too short to sit around and wait.

the last week of summer and earning decent money before I become a broke ass white girl again.

about the realistic decision I need to make in regards to my profession right now.

happy, my Dad's on the mend after a tough week in hospital... and I've just bought pretty new shoes, I also got a new shirt jumper, necklace and underwear.

for a successful final year in Uni, with a grade to make my folks proud.

to Taylor Swift and Hilary Duff. #teampop

my family for giving me so much love.

to realise how in less than 12 months I'll have finished education with no clue what to do.

I love Blog-tember, makes me wanna write and write. Until the 7th day! 



Five: Passionate Anger

Sept 5th: "I am passionate about... Education. "

"Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live it's whole life believing that it is stupid." - Albert Einstein

This one could also be took as anger just as much as passion, for those who have followed my blog for a while or read back on my posts you may already know this but I feel passionate about the Education system on a whole. 
When I left High School I was told I had to go to College and then take the final plunge to University; by doing so I would be guaranteed a good job when I'm older. This is rubbish. The education system does not determine your path for success, the person you are determines that path. 

I am now going into my final year of a degree I know longer have an interest in as it has honestly taken the fun out of the passion I once had for Media. I think as a society we should be helping children make the right choices and giving them more options, not everybody is as academic as others and different options should be set out to support that. I feel I was let down, I was pressured into believing college then university would give me this high paying job and I would get the exact job I studied for, but it doesn't work that way, not in my degree anyway. If a child wants to be a doctor, a teacher then fair enough University may be the right choice for them but if like me a child wanted to be a freelance camera man or a producer then having a piece of paper to prove you can turn a camera on, doesn't entitle you to that job role straight away.

I just think we should be telling them that University isn't the be all and end all of everything, it shouldn't define who you are as a person or the career choices you want to make. This is your life, live it how you want. I know one day I'll be where I want to be and I doubt this degree will have anything to do with that; it has opened my eyes to what the world has to offer younger people which has improved but I do feel there needs to be more for school leavers, as at 16 you shouldn't feel the pressure of choosing subjects that ultimately will set you up for the rest of your life. If you want my advice? Experience life before making any of them choices... yes go to college, but don't go straight into University if you're unsure, try a few jobs, see a few places... let the world give you the experience you need to carry on, not what some institution is offering. Be... free.


Four: Oversized Everything

Sept 4th: Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over!

I must admit I am quite a simpleton when it comes to fashion. I love A/W over any other month and my statement is usually 'all black everything'. Skinny jeans, oversized tops and boots. Done and dusted. Either that or leggins and a fancy-ish looking shirt for work.

I'm so easy when it comes to clothes I'm probably not a very good female, comfort anyday of the week! 
I own so many boots it's ridiculous but whenever they hit shelves my bank card goes crazy. That and oversized shirts I'm not the most confidence central person so I opt for big to cover those unwanted lumps and bumps most of the time; I shouldn't but hey ho, we all have our own style. Stick a necklace with them tops and add a heel to your boots and your outfit just got classier right? 

...I love me some brogues too everything looks prettier in a pair of nice brogues... as for bags don't even get me started!

~ When it comes to fashion hates I don't have many... each to their own and everything. I'm not a major fan of crop tops but some people look ridiculously good in them! Anything suede should be banned too, them awful tracksuits that don't fool anybody (I don't wanna see your knicker lines m'love). Haha!

But what about you? What's your favourite go to outfit? I wish I could be brave and wear more fitted clothing with a touch of colour but until then you'll see me rocking the denim and oversized everrrrrrything.




Just thought I'd share some pictures of a cute little bar/restaurant in the Northern Quarter that me and my best friend Catie visited today. We only stopped for a hot drink as we'd never been before but we'll be definitely going back to try the food!

It was such a nice little place with a cool vibe. They even have things on in the evenings and nights that could be checked out. The NQ in Manchester is such an arsty little place with super nice bars and cafés, so if you ever get a chance definitely venture into the heart and soul of it!

Have you been anywhere recently that's stuck in your mind? Me and Catie have agreed that when we're back in Liverpool at least once month we have to go out for food and try somewhere new. #bedatenight should definitely become a featured thing on my blog.



Three: The Sixth Spice Girl

Sept 3rd: "When I grow up I want to be...." Feel free to answer as your 5-year-old self or as of now. 

When I grow up....

I want to be a Spice Girl!


In all seriousness if 5 year old me would've been asked that question that's the only answer you'd have received. I definitely gave off a scary/ginger vibe don't you think? 

Now ask that question to 20 year old me and you'll get a different answer because I really have no clue anymore. 3 years ago I had all the intentions of graduating from degree and being a kick ass camera man or prouder and even owning 'The Chelsey Lamb show' but life doesn't work that way and now going into my 3rd year I can't wait to get away from it. Don't get me wrong I love media but I like the idea of doing it for the love of it and not because I have to. I like being able to chose when I go and take pictures or write.

So when I grow up... I just want to be happy and settled. Other than that I haven't got a clue. I am looking into my nursing which is something little Chelsey always wanted so who knows maybe baby me was right all along. I think nowadays it's harder to find your career passion as everything's money central; so I'm the kind of person to work hard and see where life takes me. 

(If all else fails I'll just reform the Spice Girls with me in it!)

   Brave Love Blog


Two: Happiness

Sept 2nd: Write about what makes you happy, from the little joys to the huge game-changers.

What makes me happy? I've mulled over this one for awhile. There's lots of things that make me smile but there's not many that make me warm inside with happiness.  However there is that main one that I think most people will have. Family. They are my everything and my very existence. They bring me so much joy and my sole is aim to make them as happy and as proud as I feel being a part of this family. I don't always tell them this but it's true and everything I do, is for them.

Then there is the little things in life that cheer you up immediately, it's not been a great week for me so far and I was listening to my iPod on shuffle earlier and whenever McFly 'Love is Easy' comes on I immediately feel my sadness drain away as a smile creeps across my face. You might think it's cheesy but as a fan for over 10 years I feel pure happiness as they continue to grow as people and release amazing songs. (You should give it a listen and maybe you'll understand exactly what I mean!)

I feel happy when...
  • My hair goes that bit better than the day before
  • I've had a good day in work
  • My friends randomly text me to see how I am
  • I fit into a smaller size of jeans
  • I look into the mirror and I actually look acceptable for going out
  • I read a book that brings me to tears
  • My favourite TV programme isn't on hiatus
  • The celebrities you love turn out to be cool people
  • My Mum makes my favourite tea
  • My Grandparents smile at me and tell me they love me
  • I travel to places that are new to me
  • I take pictures
  • Somebody reads my posts
  • I meet someone with the same interests
  • I get my wage slip
  • Food in general!!! (carbs carbs carbs)

But also writing this post made me happy; the smallest of things can bring us the biggest of joys. I like the simple things in life, nothing too big or fancy, I like having to work for things and that too makes me happy. I hope everyone taking part in #blogtember feels happy right now.

Brave Love Blog

Can't wait to read everyone else's day two!

Until tomorrow guys,

One: About The Author

Sept 1st: Imagine the front sleeve of a hard cover novel. Give us your "About the Author" so we can get to know one another, and for fun tell us what your imaginary novel would be about.

'Chelsey is a 20 year old media student with the hopes of one day being a nurse (on the right career path obviously). She's already had her middle life crisis which led to the publication of this novel. At a young age she decided life should be lived off the three T's. Tea, Travels & Taking photos.'

My novel would be the inside of most peoples head, it would be the teenage version of Miranda with a side order of Lizzie McGuire... can that happen!? It would be a journal of life hacks that 20 something year olds would go to and think 'my problem isn't even that big anymore'... dreams are shared and accomplished... it gives you an insight into how not to live your life but also how life's gonna be fine. Hell if I had one right now all my problems would go away. Lame book right? It would be complete with tea stains and everything. 'The adventures of the 20 something year old'.
Brave Love Blog 

 (I'm taking part in braveloveblogs #blogtember challenge! Check it out here)

Until tomorrow! Chels


Keeping busy

Today I helped keep my mind off current life things by tackling an Ikea flat pack all by myself, it was all going so smoothly until I stubbed my thumb and screwdrivered a whole into my hand... and that was when they'd been built and I only had the handles left to put on haha

But all was successful and I managed to revamp the plain ole' £20 drawers into something quite pretty. I love me some maps.

What do you think? I'm gonna take them back to Uni with me next week for my new flat. So excited to move back!
Have any of you took on any DIY projects of your own recently?




I'm using this post as a medium for letting out my current sadness. My Dad has been pretty ill the past few days after a big operation and is currently fighting infections and himself. I know he's going to be fine but the more I see him, the less I recognise him.

The strong minded, stubborn and pain in the ass I know and love so well isn't there at the moment and it breaks my heart. Yesterday I saw my Dad break down into tears for the first time in my 20 years of breathing; seeing someone you've always admired for their willpower and ability to carry on no matter what life throws at you is just heart wrenching. It really does just show you that every body is human and we can break so easily.

So Dad, if you ever get the chance to read this just know I love you with every ounce of my body and I'm so proud of all you've given us. The little intermediate family we have is the best gift life can ever give me and I am so grateful for all the love I've been given and still receive. I'd much rather you be sat shouting at me and giving me orders to seeing you lay depressed in a hospital bed. I love you old man. I look forward to topping your brew up and being refused ownership of the remote very soon.

To anybody that's going through the same pain or has ever lost a close loved one just know I admire you, you're so strong and brave. 

Chels :(


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